Thursday, January 22, 2015

Louetta Week 13

Hey Mom and Everyone else!

Having a new companion is really different, just dynamics change and you are just trying to figure out what type of person he is and how he works. I miss how Elder Grasse knew about the area and could just take the lead, but now it falls more on me, with my knowledge of the area and all that. My new companion is named Elder Hernandez, he comes from Los Angeles, California. His parents come from El Salvador though, and he speaks pretty good Spanish, that's something that I'm happy about because mine is still spotty. In the picture with the new district, he is the one on the far right. It has been taking adjusting, but we seem to get along pretty well, which is always good. Since taking over, I have been the one driving, which has been really fun, I miss driving a lot. No, nothing too cool, just our Corolla. Being in charge of the area is pretty different because I don't have my dad (mission talk for training companion) to help me, and I feel just a little more pressure than usual to get everything done.

This week was pretty fun, driving, knocking ,seeing people, etc. Something that happened that was kind of a downer was that our investigator, who was doing really good and has read a lot from the Book of Mormon that we gave him, moved and we don't know where he is at right now. I wish we could still see him, but I don't have a clue where he is. Also this week we have been trying to see members so that I can help Elder Hernandez know them all, it has been OK, we will try to get more this week. The new district is pretty cool, I miss some from the old, but all the new ones that came in have seemed pretty cool. We went to the baptism of one of the hermanas in our ward, which was really fun to see, I want one now... Yesterday at church, we got there at around 9, left at 4:30 for dinner and was back by 6 for a fireside, so we basically spent the whole day at church, which was so much fun. The fireside last night was pretty good, I was part of a missionary choir which was fun, we sang all sorts of stuff in Spanish (child's prayer and the EFY medley). It was fun to go and see all the Spanish  missionaries in the stake, fun to see Elder Grasse after this little bit. This week was a good week and I expect more like it this transfer with Elder Hernandez.
2 Peanut Butter Patties, 1 Samoas, Thanks! (when I asked what kind of cookies he wants) 
I love you mom, I would love to stay and talk for a bit (sometimes we can email back and forth), but we are going to go play basketball with the district.  Love you a lot!!!!!
I love you all!

Nic (Elder Atkinson)


  1. Adorable as usual. I love how he says, "I want one now" :-)

  2. So glad he had such a good trainer in Elder Grasse! I'm sure this companionship will be just as fun. He sounds happy and is working hard - what more can you ask for, right?