Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Louetta Week 14

HOLA! Mi madre favorita (y las otras personas)!

This week was pretty awesome. Last week I wrote about one of our investigators leaving, and us not knowing where he is, well this week he contacted us and we were able to continue teaching him, which is awesome! He went to a baptism that the Hermanas had on Friday, and then the kid that was just baptized was able to talk with him and bore testimony to him, which was awesome. On Saturday this investigator took us out to eat, which was fun, we talked about the baptism the night before, and other random gospel stuff. Something else really cool that happened was that someone that we contacted on Tuesday, just told him what times our meetings are at,  showed up to church on Sunday, it was awesome. This week we saw a lot of the members, trying to get less actives to go to church and what not, and that was pretty much all the cool stuff that happened.
Oh, last p-day, we played some basketball, and then we ate habaƱero peppers, don't do that they kill you, one is fine, but don't ever eat 2, the second one is killer. It was fun to do that, but it hurt quite a bit.
I am sorry I am not there to help shovel and clean, I know you miss me as a work horse, but why did Kiley not help you, shouldn't she be nicer than that? (I did it early and was letting her sleep).
I am jealous that Carissa is going to speak Tongan, I hear the Polys here speak in their own language and it is awesome, and she is going to understand it! She will have to teach me when i get home.

I love you all, best wishes!
Nic (Elder Atkinson)
 What it looks like to eat two habanero peppers

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  1. Nic's picture eating habanero peppers looks like Lathan. Kelly