Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Louetta Week 17

Hello mom,

I took pictures this week, so I hope you are happy.
My foot is feeling OK, I didn't get any Epsom, but I am seeing the doctor today (earliest they could get me in).
I'm jealous over how much snow you are getting, this last week it has been consistently about 70-80 degrees out, and I am hating it! It is the middle of February, I want snow, and cold, but noooo, its practically summer here. I haven't used my coat since you sent it too me, it has just been too hot. 
This week was pretty good, I was able to do service on Tuesday, which was really fun. We went and helped a menos activo weed in his garden. I never thought that I would have so much fun weeding, but I did. It was fun to do a little something different than the normal missionary work.
The rest of the week went pretty normal, searching, teaching, etc. Something cool that happened this week was that we got to teach someone who we haven't seen in a while. It was so much fun! We had exchanges on Friday and Saturday, I was with Elder Christensen, and everything went pretty well. We got to go see some menos activos. We had stake conference this weekend, which was pretty fun. I felt like I was able to understand what was being said, but there was always times were I had no idea. Elder Dan Jones from the 70 came to talk with us. He only spoke English, so he had to have a translator, which was a pretty cool experience.
Now something sort of a downer, we are not going to have a baptism this week. Our investigator wasn't able to make it to church yesterday, so we have to wait at least one more week. I'm kinda bummed because I'll probably be gone.
I love you, thanks for keeping me in the loop for everything!
Elder Atkinson(Nic)


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