Thursday, February 12, 2015

Louetta Week 16

That is cool, about William Bradford (relative finder said he is one of our ancestors). I probably saw him but thought nothing of it. Keep looking for Adam (Nic says he found our genealogy back to Adam, somewhere we hook up to royalty?), he is there (at least for me he was). It's kinda difficult having so many generations in the church, because I try to look for ancestors that haven't had their ordinances done, and there is nobody! It is frustrating. 
Anyways, last week was pretty awesome. We had a good week, we were able to go and teach our investigator some more. Then there is this other one that we have not taught yet, but he has already come to church twice, and went to a baptism on Saturday. The baptism on Saturday (not one of ours) was awesome, we had both of our investigators come, and they all had a good experience there, and they were both at church the next day. It is awesome that I am experiencing all this success, and it is just my first area. This week we are going to be teaching them and trying to continue to protect them from Satan. I love being out here, and I know this is where I am needed. It is fun everyday going and seeing these people, and trying to find more people. It is fun seeing them grow in understanding and knowledge. 
I have not been to the office yet, so it (I sent him a package) probably is there, but I haven't seen it. Good job on the missionary work, keep it up and so will I! It's cool that X got to talk at stake conference, but I am also a little sad for him because it is a big responsibility. 
I love you so much, keep up the good work, and keep everyone HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!
Nic (Elder Atkinson)
After this email we were able to chat back and forth some.  Those that were at stake conference this week may appreciate the below conversation.  Our mission president spoke and listed a bunch of things we should teach our kids before they head out on missions.  One of which is to take care of ingrown toenails......and the next day I hear this......
Me: What are your plans for the day? Anything fun?
Nic: Umm, nothing too fun. I might go up to the office to check out my toe. I think it might be infected
Me: What happened?
Nic: Ingrown toenail, I tried to tear it out, but it didn't come out like it usually does.
I guess at least he had a clue of how to take care of it!  This is the first week, though, he didn't send pictures.  I am hoping he corrects it next week.  What I am worried about however, is that he will feel he needs to send me a picture of that infected toe.....:)
Thanks for reading, and caring.  We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.



  1. Thanks for sharing Leisha. Who is X?

  2. He has the best pictures! He always looks SO HAPPY!

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