Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Louetta Week 18 - Last Week in this Area!


Texas is going great, it is consistently about 50-70 degrees out and sometimes hits 80. I hate it, and I want some snow. Not going to lie, I am really jealous of all the snow that you are getting. But, I guess you will be the ones laughing when it is 100000 degrees this summer. Oh well, I will deal with it.
Well this was my last week in Louetta, and the sad part is that we are going to be Whitewashed (meaning both missionaries are transferring). I have no idea why, we are on the verge of so many good things. I am actually really sad that I am leaving all of these people behind. I hope whoever comes in takes really good care of everyone. 
This week was a  normal week for us here. Tried finding whoever was ready, and helping those that we have. It was sad that we couldn't have the baptism on Saturday, but he came to church yesterday so all that is left is teaching him a little, and then he can be baptized (and the interview). Also, we finally got to teach someone who we have had coming to church and all sorts of activities, which was awesome. He took everything really well, but says that he is just wanting to know everything a bit more. It was fun because we got to play volleyball with him at the church with a bunch of other people on Friday. It was really fun, and everyone there played really well. I will miss going and doing all of that stuff. On Saturday we helped one of the menos activos we visit move (same ward still) and it was really fun to help him with that. 
That is basically it, I will miss this area a lot. And I look forward to the next area I will be at.
I'm off to hang out with the district. I love you mom.
I love you all!!
Elder Atkinson (Nic)



  1. I LOVE reading Nic's emails! I love how his personality shines through in his words and photos. He really makes it seem like you are right there with him. With his infectious enthusiasm, I'm sure he'll be transferred a lot during his mission.

  2. I just cannot feel sorry for him having all that nice warm weather :) He really does seem to be so happy. I'm sure it's hard to leave all the people he has been working with, but hopefully this transfer will be just as amazing!