Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Louetta Week 15

Mom, and everyone else!

My week went pretty good, our investigator is coming along great, he came to church yesterday and has a baptismal date for the 21 of February. Our other investigator just got a hernia removed on Thursday, so he couldn't come to church because he was still recovering.

Elder Hernandez is doing great, we get along well and have fun together. I think sometimes we have too much fun, because we get off topic a lot. Its OK though, we get done what we need to get done.

This week I had to go up to Oakcrest (the other Elders in our district) on an emergency exchange because the driving elder got an eye infection, and the other couldn't drive. So I went up there to drive him around and be his comp while his eye recovered. It was fun to go and see a different area, I didn't know where I was going there, but oh well. While I was up there, a member took us to an Argentine restaurant (one of them was Argentine) and I had a milinesa, which was so delicious. That was pretty much my week.

I'll pray for Luke, Joe and Kellie are lucky to go to England, and I am sad that I missed the grandparents. It would have been really fun to see them. What did you all do for the super bowl, just stay home and watch it or go somewhere? 
Can I ask a favor from you? Could I get a copy of that middle name document thingy that we did (each of our kids had to learn and write about the person they were named after), and the places of you and dad's birth, your marriage date as well as where it took place, and the birth and marriage dates for both sets of grandparents? That would mean a lot to me, thanks!
I love you a lot!  Nic (Elder Atkinson)

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