Monday, March 16, 2015

Waller - Week 2

Ok, this week was really fun. Again, we had some service on some ranches, which is so fun, and I really look forward to doing it every week. I have eenjoyed this area a lot, and am meeting a lot of really great people. The ward members are really cool, and they make really good food.
The miembros de la rama are great people as well, they are really nice and help me with my Spanish. This week a member from the English ward showed us around to a couple service organizations that the old missionaries were working with, which was fun to meet all of the nice people there.
A miracle that happened this week was on Thursday, we had planned to go on splits but one Hermano never showed up, so we went with the other Hermano to go and see people. We took him to one of our investigators house, and our investigator is out of work right now, and the job he did is a really rare job that needs special training. Turns out that the member we took works in the same job, and his company is looking to hire more! Also, it turns out the investigator was baptized earlier in his life, and that his family are members well. It was a really fun experience because I could really see the hand of the Lord helping us out that night.
Something else that was really fun was that we got to help make concrete to help un miembro with his add-on. Overall it was a really fun we with some fun service going on.
I love you all!
Elder Atkinson (Nic)
P.S. We switch off everyday because we both want to drive the truck


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