Monday, March 30, 2015

Waller Week 4

Howdy Mom!

Yeah, the Jameson family is really cool,they are the ones who sent the pictures. (Sunday night I had a great surprise when I had 3 pictures sent via text to me!) Their son is still in school but it is interesting because he is only a month younger than me. We were able to go and help them feed the cows, and pet them and what not. I am honestly loving being out in the middle of nowheresvilleton. It is so beautiful, ranches after ranches, but then you get to the busier areas which looks kinda like downtown Chalfont, but less stoplights. The plus is that everyone out here is really nice, and caring.
This week we had quite a bit of Spanish, and I found the key to being good at it. The key is to pretend that you are good at it (confidence) and then, BAM, you are good at it. The Spanish branch is fun to work with, the amount of people there are small, but they are all really willing to help out. I love them all, and I will miss the area and the people when I leave, hopefully not soon.
 We found a new guy this week, and it is cool because he wants to change, and he has a sister out in California that is a member. We have stopped by, but we haven't been able to get a solid lesson down, but he has been reading in the Libro de Mormon, which is awesome.
The campus life was non existent this week due to being spring break. Something funny that happened while we were tracting one day. We were walking then a bunch of borrachos (drunks) called us over, so I played the guitar a bit, and then Elder Alexander sung the restoration, it was quite a funny experience. That's pretty much my week.
I love you all and I love hearing about your lives!
Elder Atkinson (Nic)


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