Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Waller Week 6

Hello Mother!
This week was awesome. The service we were able to do, and the General Conference, everything was just awesome. On Wednesday we went and served with Bill in his ranch, like always. We continued helping him build his fence, which I am loving to do. It is just really fun manual labor. Again brag to dad about the fancy tools I got to use (post hole digger), he will be jealous. On Thursday we were able to make it down and talk with the students on Prairie View A&M campus which was really fun. I think I enjoy going and just talking with the students there about everyday life stuff and what they are learning in school and stuff like that.
Conference weekend was a really cool experience, I wont pretend like I remembered every talk, but I did love being able to listen to all of them. For the Saturday morning thru Sunday morning sessions we were at the church watching them, and then Sunday afternoon we were at a members house. And I only watched about half a session in Spanish, which was the last half of the Saturday afternoon, so I don't remember a lot from that time period. It was fun, about two hours before the Priesthood session, we had a bbq with the Spanish branch, a bunch of hamburgers and a lot of good laughs. It was fun to be able to talk with everyone there, and help improve my Spanish. In between the Sunday sessions we went over to the Schilds and had lunch and helped them do an Easter egg hunt. After that we stayed to watch conference there, and it reminded me of home, little kids running around and all that.
I did get the package, and I loved the tie, it is awesome. Do you think that I could get the vocab list from my Spanish class? It would be somewhere in my boxes, I'm pretty sure in a red folder, that and maybe some of the starwars sheet music, cause I have a piano to enjoy it now. I think that is pretty much it.
I love y'all and are real happy to call you my family and y'all are all good friends to me.
Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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