Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Waller Week 8

Mom (and all you other lovely folk that read these emails I send out),

I did get Kiley's package, but I did not get her letter, but I haven't looked in a while. The cookies were awesome, and I loved that they were half and half. I don't like the Spanish book (he asked for his high school Spanish vocab lists and instead of digging it out I offered to send him a book), all I really wanted was a vocab list, maybe when Val comes home you could ask where hers is? And if she would be OK sending that to me. 

I'm glad y'all finally got good weather, here has been pretty nice (hot and sunny) with a few beautiful thunderstorms, which have been awesome to see. One day we were driving and I saw lightning come down and strike a telephone pole about 100-200 yards away. It was really cool to see the sparks flying after it hit.

This week was a lot of moving from the old apartment to the new one. It took a lot longer than I expected and then we had to clean everything in the old apartment. Right now the new one is a mess with all of the stuff we moved in, and we still need to organize everything. We will slowly get it done little by little.

This week on the ranch at Bill's we helped out cutting grass, plopping a fence post in the middle of a creek and setting up his tractor and moving stuff around. It was all really fun even though there was nothing specific we did. We also had a giant meeting for weekly planning (yay?!) It was long and not the most exciting of things to do, but I did learn how to better plan so it was all good. I also went on an exchange this week with one of the ZL's (Zone Leader) which was really fun to do. He was a cool guy, but, since we are part of an English zone now, he only spoke English, so at all of the Spanish appointments I did a lot of the talking, which was pretty fun.

On Sunday, we went to remind an investigator about church, and he came with one of his kids, it was so much fun to see him there! On Sunday night we went on splits with the Hermanos in the Rama (Spanish ward members), and it was so much fun. Puro espanol esta noche. (Pure Spanish that night) It is really fun to be able to talk with them all in Spanish. 

We also found a cat roaming around our complex that we fed and named Stupid, because at first it was being very stupid. Just remembered that, and thought you would want to know the story behind the pictures. 

That was basically my week, it was such a fun week.

Love you mom, have a great one!
Elder Atkinson (Nic)


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  1. Don't you love it when they tell you stories about dangerous things like it's no big deal? Now I feel like I have to pray Nic doesn't get hit by lightening! I love how he puts everything in a positive light with his upbeat attitude. I just counted and he used the word "fun" seven times! That's our Nic!