Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Waller Week 9

Hello Mom!

 I love hearing about all the fun and adventures going on around home and what not. I loved seeing all the girls dressed up spiffy like and it was strange seeing Kiley with her hair down. I might need to get a giant bubble for her to walk around in until I get home, haha. I'm glad everyone is enjoying themselves and Lathen is being humble as always. Why do grandpa and grandma have to leave
(They are planning on going on a mission at the beginning of next year)in the middle of my mission and then be gone when I get home? Do they not like me or something? Oh, or maybe they will get sent to Houston!

OK, time to brag about my weather, we are consistently about 70-80 with humidity on top of that. One day while we were out contacting and talking to someone, I started seeing a layer of sweat on my skin, it was HOT and I hear it will only get hotter.

This week a lot of our appointments fell through, , but we were able to talk with a lot of people and got some pretty cool potentials. Nothing overly interesting happened this week, just the same old thing. Oh,on Sunday, I gave a talk in la reunion sacramental (Spanish Sacrament meeting), and it went really good. It was in Spanish, and I know that the Spirit was there to help me because that is the best Spanish that I have ever spoken on my mission. The talk was on the importance of the First Vision, so it was basically the whole restoration lesson, so it was one of the easier talks to plan for. Also, I helped out in primary as Angel Moroni, they had me walk in and tell a little about Moroni and I answered some questions about him. This was really a fun week, and this Friday we are gonna start up volleyball as a contacting thing, I am excited.

Much love, as always, from Texas

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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  1. Nic, you look so happy! And you have a dog on your mission. How cool!