Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Woodlands Week 6

Hello mother!

Last week sounded pretty interesting for y'all, maybe we'll swing by to Janna and Spencer's after I regresar (return). It would be fun to see them, and I can't believe that Aubrey is 8.5, she shouldn't be that old, I just  remember her as a young little feller. I never did get the postcard, but I did get the letters from Lilly and Lathen,  it was so cute. 

It got pretty hot this week, but for the most part it was bearable, definitely happy that I have a car right now! Well, I have some sad news, I am leaving the Woodlands area, don't have any idea were I am gonna go, but I'm out and I get an address change, pending till next week. It is really sad, because I feel like I just actually started to get to know the people here, and now I'm leaving them. 

This week we finally got in with some of the potential investigators we had, which is always fun, good to meet everyone and what not. 

Oh I have a kinda weird story, we were teaching this guy that might have had a crush on me... It was really awkward, because we had a lesson earlier in the week were he grabbed my hand and looked at my ring, and then talked about how he likes red hair, and then on Saturday he touched my leg. OK, other than him, the week was pretty normal.

A sad thing is that I got to know the people in the Ward a little better, and so it's sad that I have to leave them. There is is this one kid who would drive us a round, and he reminded me a lot of myself as a yungen. On Sunday we had the temple tours, which were fun, we took a recent convert, and he seemed to enjoy it. I also got to see quite a bit of people from the olden days (Waller times) which is always fun. 

I love you so much mom! It is always fun to hear how everyone is doing in the family.

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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