Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanks Mom for everything. I don't need any of the nail clippers, I have a pair here, which are really fun to play with. Thanks for the email/letter, it was what I needed to hear.  Thanks for all the pictures that you send me about Lathen, and tell Kiley to be careful, the roads are dangerous place.

Onto my week, it is all really a bunch of the same old same old here, study, learn, teach, study. Its fun, but gets a little repetitive sometimes. I finished the book of Mormon and it was pretty awesome, In this book I just highlighted whatever I thought was interesting, so it is my go to place to find a scripture/spiritual thought from the Book of Mormon. I love that little book. After I finished that, I decided to do a study of the Book of Isaiah, it can be confusing, but overall it is pretty fun to read and it has quite a few interesting things about the destruction of many different people. It can be hard to understand when he is talking about the Millennium and when he is talking about back then. Other than that, not much has happened, on Sunday we had a devotional by Jeffery R. Holland, it was about what we could do to be better as missionaries in teaching, studying and preparing. I have a note sheet I will send you a picture of. I am so excited to be getting out of here and into the field next week. I received my flight information right before emailing.
I got a hair cut this week.  I also got to bless the sacrament for the people who work at El Comedor (the cafeteria).  It was a great experience.  I was also blessed to play the piano for the whole shebang! Guess what songs I played! (He has about 6 hymns he plays very well).
Something that I am looking forward to is Neil L Anderson is coming on Saturday to give a devotional, I am stoked. Well that is about my week, oh and Spanish is coming along fairly well.
I love you, you rock, tell everyone that I love them.
NIC, (Elder Atkinson)



  1. The last picture has to be a shout-out to his Dad!

  2. And...I'm here to tell you to prepare yourself for further English deterioration. It gets bad. And somewhat entertaining. :-)

  3. I love the last picture too! It's always fun to see how excited they are to get out and start working. I agree about the English deterioration - I have to do lots of editing to Dallin's letters to make them readable ;)