Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Third week at the CCM (Mexico MTC)

This week went pretty well, the same old study, teach, learn, study, learn, learn kinda thing that is going on. It is fun and I am enjoying myself and learning a lot. My "investigators" seem to be progressing well, I have a soft commit from one, and nothing from the other yet. It has been a great experience just having the opportunity to teach and learn what I need to do better.
On Sunday we had a devotional with Elder Bednar, and he talked about the character of Christ, and how he turned outward when we, the normal human, probably would have turned inward. An example of this was when he was on the cross, while all of these bad things were happening to him, he asked God to forgive them for what they did. After this devotional, we watched the restoration movie with Joseph smith and the one scene where he is beating a rug, then the Scottish guy started beating a rug as well. I was impressed with how outgoing Joseph Smith was and how he was always looking to push the gospel forward and help those around him. It was a good movie and a great Sunday experience. 
Last night we said good bye to one off the districts in the zone, and it was really sad because I felt like we made a lot of good friends in that district. I played the piano for a musical number for them on Sunday, which was pretty cool. I played well! It was I hope they Call Me On A Mission with a verse of Llamados a Servir. It was a powerful experience.
This morning I went to the temple.  It was really cool, I wasn't able to do a session, but I got to see the visitor center and the temple. In the Visitor's Center there is a primary room, which was the bomb digaty. There are little touch screens where you could color pictures or do other activities on it. I wish the DC one was that cool!
I love you a lot mom and miss you, I pray for you and the rest of the family every night.
Your favorite son (obviously),



  1. I just love Nic and his sense of humor. It will take him a long way on his mission! So happy to hear how happy he is.

  2. I LOVE that he is sending pictures each week! Nic is the bomb diggity!