Monday, October 27, 2014

Louetta Week 1

I did make it to Texas, and I already sent a letter to you, but don't use that address, ours is 11111 W. Montgomery Apt #1306 Houston, TX 77088.  If you want to send me letters this is where you send them.

The flight over was easy, I slept the whole time because I accidentally got up an hour earlier than I could have. Everything else was easy, customs, finding the APs. My first day was pretty good, we went to the ward building next to the mission office, and learned a bit about what it will be like on the mission. Oh, I got to sleep on the pews in the capilla (chapel)for a little bit, it was lovely. Then we had a social at President Mortensen's house, it was a good social and we got some pretty good food. I wrote the letter to you at the social. That night we went to one of the missionary's apartments to sleep, and that ends Wednesday.

On Thursday, I met my first comp,  he is from Oregon and is pretty cool. He is pretty good at the street contacting, and I hope that that rubs off on me. We've been doing a lot of walking because our car is low on miles. It is a little tiring, but fun. The people in the ward, that I have met, seem really nice.  Saturday one took us to a taco truck, and Sunday a member fed us dinner. Sunday was a el programa de primeria (Primary Program) which was cool. During the classes, I didn't really understand much, but I hope that I can understand it more in the weeks to come.

I am feeling great, I am excited for November because we get more miles on the car. I miss Lathen, please tell him that I love him.  I don't know when I will get my bike so if you could just put money on the debit card to buy a bike or whatever, that would be cool. Thanks, you are the best!

 I love you. Nic

 His first homemade dinner.....he can cook better than this, it's all about the budget....



  1. He sounds like he is adjusting quite well. Well, of course he would be...he's Nic! He also sounds so positive about everything. Love seeing his smiling face.

  2. I'm sure he is so happy to be in the field! His dinner looks perfectly Elder acceptable to me :)
    His companion looks just like one of my nephews - weird!