Thursday, November 13, 2014

Louetta Week 2

This week was pretty slow, lots of walking, a fair amount of rejection, but whatever. We are fine food wise, we actually come up with some pretty cool stuff, like Nacho cheese on bread with stuffing, really good, you should try it.

The past two days have been really nice because of the car miles ( a new month, a new budget of driving miles). I got to meet some of the investigators that live farther away which was really cool.

On Halloween we had to be in by 6, don't know why, probably not to be tempted to get candy, but we had some Elders over and we ate pizza and played some games, pretty fun. I have yet to receive a letter, but I received the package from the Meise's.  Please tell them thank you.  I have all my bedding, and everything else, the blanket is really soft, I like it. Apparently it gets pretty cold here, who would have guessed, but I might need my coat later on, not now, it is still beautiful.

The language is going well, I speak so much better than I understand, but I  am getting better at both. I read the scriptures in Spanish for personal study every morning. It was a little strange this week, because we had a member help drive us around, and he preferred English, so I gave a prayer in English once and it was a little difficult. 

This week was pretty good, we stayed very local, so we just tried to get some more people around our apartments. I did my first door contacting, and it went pretty well. She turned out to be JW, but we had a nice conversation about the Bible. The week was all pretty much the same, contact and check on the people in our area, but it was pretty fun. Last Friday we had a Zone meeting, and I met my brother (another missionary that was trained by the same missionary Nic is being trained by) and he seems pretty cool, he is our Zone Leader.
We have better plans for p-day today, we are going to play a little church ball latter on. Tomorrow we have Zone Conference, where Elder Corbridge is coming to talk with us. I am pretty excited about that. 
Much love as always,


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