Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Louetta Week 4

My week was great as always, and the over arching question is yes, my internet is slow. 

This week we got our car taken away from us for repairs, but I don't know if/when we will get it back. Entonces, we have been biking until there was a flat tire in my comps bike, and then we were walking. It has been real fun especially, with the wind chill and what not. On Friday and Saturday we probably walked about 7 miles per day, and then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we rode our bikes for about 9ish miles per day. It was grand fun. We don't have many opportunities to do street contacting right now, porque el frio , pero (it's cold, but) we have been doing some knocking/ following up on referrals. One referral that was annoying was on Thursday. We set up an appointment, and drove our bikes there (about 3 miles in the wind) and he was not there, so we called him three times, the first no answer, the second, "Bueno?" and then he hung up, and third his phone was off. We can't only work with the Spanish, but we try to just work with them. While we where knocking on Saturday we met an English speaking family that seemed really prepared to listen and learn about the gospel, but we won't be able to teach them, so we handed them off to the English Elders.  One day we got into a Bible Bashy lesson, but we couldn't leave because he would just keep on talking, and talking, so we finally had to just tell him that we had to go, and we got out of there. I got a letter from Mariah this week, it was pretty fun to hear from her and what she is doing right now. I have gotten both your letters and plan on writing you back today. 
I love you, you are great, i love my Yetins (Lathen), and all my sisters.
Did you go and buy a bike (sometimes we get to email back and forth a bit)?  No, the mission office gave me one. It is pretty nice, I might just take it with me everywhere I go.
Another little thing that happened, I was riding my bike, and then I biffed it. My pants got a pretty nice hole in them (see drop box) but I stitched them back up. (The picture he referred to in dropbox didn't get uploaded)
Was it one of your suit pants or regular pants? Are you warm on the bike, do you need gloves? It was one of the regular ones. I can just get gloves and a hat. I taught my comp how to Rubik's cube, and now he knows how, and we occasionally have little time trials to see if we can beat our best time. Right now I am at 1'49".
Transfers happen every 6 weeks, but I will be here until mid January or late February probably. My ward is great, there is a family that we go over to their house every Sunday for a meal, it is fantastic, she makes great food. In truth, I don't know much of the ward, but those that I do know have been really nice and willing to help us in our struggles. It is fairly busy at times though.
How do you know you aren't going to be transferred until Jan or Feb? Do the members feed you a lot? We have 12 week training as a newbie, so I will be in the same area for 2 transfers at least to do that training, and I will have the same comp for all of that training. It really depends on the week on how much we eat at members houses. I gotta bounce, maybe I'll get a little more time later today. I love you much, Have fun in Spain, and speak good Spanish.


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  1. Love the stories. Love the pictures. Love the video. I love everything about Nic's emails :-)