Monday, October 19, 2015

Houston 5 Week 3

Hey, what's up!?

Things are goin real good in this part of Texas, I've been able to meet some more of the Ward, still it's an ongoing process, but little by little it's getting better. The hard part is that during the week, they are working and are home at night, but we need to be teaching investigators or trying to find at night, so it's goin a little slower
than I would like.

 I am still teaching that one member's husband, and he is doing great. Little by little he's understanding the Book of Mormon, which is awesome. Last night he went to the Temple Tours, which was awesome. I love the temple tours, I see so many of my good friends from Waller, and Louetta and whatnot. I miss everyone a lot. 

This week, we almost died! Last night the light turned green for about 2 seconds, and I started, then a car zooms by and almost hits us, it was so scary. Also while we were contacting, we walked up to a door and then someone yells, "what do you need!?" It was dark, and so I jumped so far, my heart went racing. Also while we were contacting, on Saturday, we got offered food by 2 families, the Hispanic culture is so strange, oh two random guys, let's invite them for dinner. It's awesome. 

That's my week, it has been fun, and today we went to top golf and now are balling it up. I love plays! My comp and I get along well, it's hard sometimes because he's new, and I get a bit frustrated with the newness, but other than that he is awesome. We only have a 2 man apartment, ours would be too small for a four man.
I love y'all!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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