Monday, October 19, 2015

Houston 5 Week 1

What's up mom?

I have had a good week, but I can tell you that I really miss the country. Here it is really different, there are large dogs everywhere, and most of the time they are barking and wanting to eat me or something like that.

I am really happy that there are a ton more Hispanics here, so I'll get to use my Spanish a bunch! The members I've met so far are all really nice, and cook pretty good, which is a nice plus. In our Ward there are two sets of elders and a set of hermanas (Sisters), so a total of six missionaries here. No I'm not going hipster, you of all people should know that, I just really liked the tie, and elder Alexander gave it to me (in a picture he had a flowery tie I asked about). Who wouldn't like the tie that looks like one of the couches at church? 

I did get the package, thank you so much for the snacks, they are quite delicious. And you can just send everything up to the mission office, I'm up there often enough that it works better that way.

So far I like my area, like I've mentioned above, sometimes I'm scared for my life (the dogs), but that could just be me over reacting. As always it's a struggle whitewashing, everything goes a little slower for the first little bit, but hopefully everything will start to pick up this week. My companion is Elder Norton, he's from Logan Utah. He seems to be a good kid, he just finished his training so I am greenie breaking him. The one thing that did surprise me about my area is how undeveloped some places are. For being so close to the city, I expected everything to be concrete basically, but there are some parts that are pretty green, which surprised me.

I just want to wish you a happy early birthday, I won't be able to do it on your birthday, so here it is. Also, happy birthday Kiley! Don't let being 17 go to your head.

I love and miss y'all!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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