Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Houston 5 Week 4

Howdy Mom!

I guess I'll start by answering some of your questions. The hood is doin good, I haven't been shot or bitten yet, so I guess that's a good thing. The dogs are mostly a lot of barking, but I already have a little thing of pepper spray just in case they get bold and try to get all up in my grill, lol. 

I love the area, and I'm getting to know it a little better. It's funny because in one corner of the area there is a black neighborhood, so we don't go over there too often (cause we are Spanish missionaries). Hmm, getting to know the people in the Ward is going pretty well, but still struggling because of stake conference yesterday. We didn't have normal church, so I didn't get to specifically meet anyone from our Ward. The stake conference was good though, mucho poder en los discursos (much power in the talks). It's funny because this is an English Spanish stake, whereas the last one was pure Spanish, so I understood these speakers without too much difficulty. President Mortensen gave a really good talk about being the people that share the gospel.

Now onto the work for the week. On Wednesday we had a service event as a zone. It was so much fun! We helped older people get around, and then we fed them lunch. It's a blast to do that with the zone, I love missionaries, they are cool. That day I was also on an exchange with a zone leader, it went pretty well, he helped me with a lot of stuff, like teaching, and just some other pointers on planning. That night we saw our part member and another guy we are teaching. The part member is doing great! Although he I didn't come to stake conference (he stayed home to watch the kids). We found this other guy, who looks like he will have a lot of potential. We found him just knocking in a trailer park, and he seemed really open to hearing what we have to
say. Another guy we met this week is really intellectual, he knows his stuff in the Bible and can back up what he believes, whether it be with the bible or science, he can do it. So it's been kinda interesting teaching him.

Well, that's the week folks. Thanks so much for thinking of me mom. I look forward every week to your emails. I have seen Dr Bones (our new Halloween decoration), he's looking a little bony though, haha! I can't think of nay thing that I would want for Christmas, maybe a sweater, not an ugly Christmas one, but a regular one I could wear day by day.

We will be going to the zoo today, so that should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing all the animals there, and what they have. It's so funny that you sent me the 29 degrees thing, I don't know what Texas is doing to me, but it was sixty this morning and I thought it felt kinda chilly, I remember when I would have loved that weather.

I love y'all so much!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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