Thursday, September 24, 2015

Back to Louetta Week 6

What's up?

So the news is in, I'm getting transferred. I'm going to H5 (Houston 5th Ward) and I'm gonna be a district leader, that means more work for me! I'm glad to have come back and just see the difference in the Ward here, but I feel like my time is done. In H5 I'm gonna be whitewashing  (both missionaries are new to the area), so that should be pretty fun. I can promise you that I'm not just having fun, we do have quite a few investigators, one should be baptized Saturday, which I'm happy for. That means I will come back to see it! 

This week was pretty slow, a lot fell through :( it was still a really fun last week with the trio. On Tuesday we had a really cool activity with the youth. It was a MTC night where we had three stations with a few different activities. One was a p-day, and they wrote letters and did sports. Two, a study were they read the intro to the Book of
Mormon and then committed to write their testimony in it and give it to a friend. And the third was a street contacting station. Then the mission president came and did a little thing on invitations. It was really good, and maybe something y'all could do in your Ward. That was probably the highlight of the week. 

Today we are having a great p-day, we did Zumba again and now we're golfing. It is a blast, and I'm really loving it. We also went to a burger joint with a member which was really good. Oh, while I was there, I lost a game and had to eat a spoonful of ghost pepper hot sauce, and it is killer, definitely wouldn't recommend it. It burnt really bad.

Thanks for that picture of me and Lathen. It's hard to believe it's already been two years. Love you mom!

P.S. The old guy is Wayne, he is a member of the English Ward we ran into. He talks a lot and has some interesting stories. It was a fun encounter with him

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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