Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to Louetta Week 3

What's up mom?!

I'm glad everything went OK through the week. I'm really jealous that y'all got to go to Hershey. It would have been really fun to go with y'all. Even Lathen likes the coasters? I guess that makes Valerie the only one who doesn't like them, oh well. It's always fun to hear about your week, especially the last one of the summer. I hope
everyone has a good year in school.

Well, this week was a pretty normal week. I can only really think of two things that happened this week that is worth mentioning. The one thing was a giant meeting on Friday that helped us learn how to better teach English class. It lasted for about 5 hours, shoot me please. It was pretty fun at times, we tried out some possible activities we can incorporate, and the fun part was that we were put into groups with other missionaries. I met another missionary named Elder Pigott, he's just a really funny kid. 

The other fun thing that happened was Sunday, just a really good day. We had stake conference, which is so much funner after you have served in multiple wards. Saying hi to everyone and whatnot. Then after stake conference there was a baptism in the Ward (sisters not us) but it was really fun to go and be part of that. As missionaries we got to sing a song which was really fun.

Well, we got pday activities, sports at the capilla,which is gonna be a lot of fun.

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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