Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back to Louetta Week 2

What's up mother (who knows best)?!

Mom, you over exaggerated, I only have two companions, not three, but we get along great, the trio life is pretty fun. Do you wanna know something cool? There is a Rita's in our area, so we are probably gonna hit it up today, but they don't know that yet. Haha. Yes I did get something from grandma Becky, I'll send her a card, thanks for the reminders, saving my life even when I'm not at home, that's a true mom for ya! I believe everyone else is good for thank you's. 

Y'alls vacation sounded like it was a ton of fun, something funny though, when y'all said you went to Martha's Vineyard, I was thinking where have I heard that before, history class? Nah, but then I remembered it was from Assassins Creed 3 (the American Revolution one) and so there, those games help out with history. But it sounded like a bunch of fun, the water sports and what not. I miss those (especially swimming). Telling me about vacations like this doesn't get me homesick, in fact I think I would be angry if you didn't tell me about it. I love being kept in the loop, and hearing about all the fun that y'all are having.

So, this week has been pretty much the same as any other week. We found a list of guys ages 18-25 who haven't been on missions yet, and so we tried going and visiting some of them, and help them out and get them going to their missions. I think it would be pretty cool to be able to help someone out like that. 

Something really fun is that every Friday we go and play volleyball with a lot of people from the Ward, and a lot of no miembros, so it's super fun and I look forward to Friday's with avid interest.

Probably the highlight of my week was the Zone Conference that we had. President Mortensen is such an inspired man and really in tune with the spirit. The theme for this Zone Conference was the fifth lesson in PME, about the Laws and Ordinances. We touched a lot on eternal families/family history and the priesthood. He was able to bring up some really cool points about the blacks in the priesthood, and how the Lord has always had a manner of only choosing a potion of his people to have the priesthood, for example the Levites were the only tribe to get the priesthood. It was just a lot of mind blowing stuff. 

Last night there was a "Why We Believe" fireside, which is basically a mission presidents fireside with some testimonies of the new converts. We were invited to be a part of the choir for this fireside and that was really fun. About 10 minutes before it started, the power went out, so it was dark, and there was no AC (really hot😵) but President Mortensen was able to tie that in with his message. It was a spiritual fireside even with the power out, and then after we got to talk with other missionaries, which is always so much fun. I met a hermana from Connecticut. #eastcoastrules

I love you all so much, y'all rock!
Elder Atkinson(Nic)

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