Friday, December 25, 2015

Houston 5 Week 11

Hey mommy!

First off, I did get the advent package and have enjoyed reading he letters and everyone's thoughts, so far I've gotten Kellie, Bret and Shay, The walker kids, Head, Mabry, Amberly and Ryan, and Pa. Thank you all so much for the love you send my way, it always means a lot to hear from y'all. I look forward every morning to see who I get to read a letter from. 

Well, the weather has been beautiful, it still has yet to feel like December, but I'm enjoying while I still can. It's really funny though because all the natives are putting on jackets, but Elder Norton and I are just rockin our short sleeve shirts. I do miss the cold and snow sometimes, but sometimes it's nice to not have to worry about it. 

Oh, I am so pumped for this Saturday, we are gonna have a baptism! It is gonna be so great! The cool thing is that we have been working with him for basically our whole time here, so it's awesome to see the fruits come from our labors. He is really ready, and really excited to take this step. 

We have also found some really cool new people that we are teaching. This one family that just moved into the ward has helped us a lot and has already given us some referrals. One of the guys that they gave us is really cool, and loves to laugh and have a good time, so I'm excited about work with him. On Saturday we were able to go up to the Marin house and see all of the nativity that they have there. So that was really fun to do. Always a good time to see Obispo Marin. 

I was able to see the Christmas devotional, and it was ok, kinda harder to pay attention to because it was in Spanish, and I get distracted easier when they do the voice overs. 

So I had a really awesome experience with family history this week were I feel like I really gained a testimony of that work. I have always thought that the work was basically done, and there was nothing else I could do, but on Friday we had a training were I was looking through and learned how to find people, and I found someone, and I'm gonna take him to the temple this week, because we get to go. I can honestly say that the Spirit of Elijah is real, and that I felt it when I found that name, and it left me with a desire to do it more often. I love y'all so much! You are the best, and I'm excited to talk to y'all on Christmas!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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