Friday, December 25, 2015

Houston 5 Week 10

Hey mom!?

What no knife? Ok, a big stick is good with me.

I'm looking forward to that Christmas advent package, is it kinda gonna be like last year? With letters and pictures? That was fun to see everyone. It is so weird, Dallin isn't a missionary anymore, he isn't on the LDS tools app, I didn't think it was that long that he was gone. Oh well, I'm glad he's home and I'm sure his family is as well. 

I'm really jealous about all the time you were spending with Spencer and Janna, I feel like I haven't seen them all in a while, even after spending so much time with them when I was younger. My week was pretty good, and Thanksgiving was awesome. The missionaries over there had me beat though, I had three citas (dinners) with members on Thursday. The first one I ate papusas, which is a delicious salvadoreño food, that was with the Ward Mission Leader. It was fun, we went to a little joint, and there was the Macey's parade going on the TV there, so that was fun to see a bit. Then at the second cita, we had some nachos and fruit kabobs, which were pretty good. I love eating nachos, they are delicious. Then the last cita, we had a good Thanksgiving dinner, turkey potatoes rolls and what not. 

On Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Schloer. He is a really cool kid. To kind understand what he looks like, picture Fix It Felix from wreck it Ralph. We had a great day even though we contacted all day basically. But we did have a few bomb lessons, and met some really cool people, whom I have high hopes for.  This week for some reason, was a bomb (meaning great) week for us, lots of lessons and lots of good contacting. The investigators are doing great. We have started teaching a 9 year old from an inactive family, so we are hoping to reactivate the family and baptize the kid. The part member family is great, he is doing really well, and he will be ready for his date. Hmm, I don't really what else has gone on, today we are just balling up a storm as usual, so it's a blast.

I love y'all!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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