Friday, December 25, 2015

Navasota Week 1

Que onda?

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HOHOHO!! Lol. 

I guess I'll start with your questions, my address is:
1208 Victoria Ave #2 Navasota, TX 77868  And I know cards are good to be sent here, and I believe packages are too.

I love my new area, it has more open space than Waller does, that means I'm really out in the country. It's funny because there are some appointments of ours that are about 30 miles away, and it takes about 30 minutes to get there. So much open space, oh and the stars are absolutely beautiful out here. It is nice that I don't get the Houston pollution out here, so I can see the stars beautifully and clearly. 

Here we work with a branch, it is an English-Spanish branch, so I get to work with every walk of life out here. The scary thing is that our job as missionaries is to translate sacrament meeting into Spanish for the Hispanic members of the branch. Oh my gosh that is so hard. Fortunately this week was the Christmas program so there was a lot of singing and reading in the scriptures, so I got it easy. I'm scared for when they do talks the whole time, or fast and testimony meeting... It will be fun, and definitely help my Spanish grow, if not just from new vocabulary. 

Everyone that I have met thus far are really nice, it's good ol' southern hospitality, must be something that I'm not too used to from the city. Here when people see you on the street, they wave, it almost shocked me the first time I saw it. Also, the speed limits are a lot higher out here, so I can be a little heavier on the pedal. It's nice to go faster than neighborhood speeds. Oh I also get a truck up here! I'm so excited about this! I missed the truck from Walls so much. It's exactly the same as the Waller truck, but I still enjoy driving it so much better than a Corolla. My new companion is awesome, his name is Elder Heiner. He is from American Fork, Utah, and about 6'5". He is a fun guy, you will probably recognize him from some past selfies. I can tell he and I will have a lot of fun together. We have enjoyed the bat that you sent me.

Hmm, the thing that we did all week was just try to see some investigators and some potentials. We had a little time to also contact. The people we are teaching have some pretty good potential, and I am eager to see how they take everything. The people in my district are about 20 miles away, so we don't get too much interaction
with people outside of Navasota, but we do have district meeting every Thursday still, so we see them then. The two other elders in my district are past companions, Elders Thorne and Aholelei, so it's fun to be reunited with them.

I love you so much! Remember to let me know how the new Star Wars is! Oh Skype call will be around 3 your time, and 2 my time, so be prepared!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

An excerpt from Valerie's letter:
"Well, this week I had a normal week, kinda slower, just trying to get to know the area, and the investigators and the members. Everyone that I have met is really cool. We have some pretty solid people that the other elders were teaching. I'm excited to see where everyone goes. So some cool things that go on out here are every Tuesday and Wednesday we have bingo with a bunch of older folks. It's awesome to go and do that with them, but they get very irritated and bossy while they are playing. Also on these days we have English classes at night, so that is a ton of fun, though only a little bit of people come to the classes.  Something that we do with the young men here is take them to lessons with us, and then afterwards get ice cream. It is really fun because it helps me get to know the ward, and also helps the young men get excited for missions of their own. Something that is cool is that the branch already has a good rep for going and helps out the missionaries, so people are really happy to come and help us out. I can tell that they are ready for the awesome blessings that Heavenly Father has for them."

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