Monday, January 25, 2016

Navasota Week 2

Hey what's up mother?

It was so much fun being able to see y'all on Saturday, and I'm really happy that I got to do that with y'all. I got the Christmas card and love the description you have for me, "Nic uses the word 'yall' way to much in his letters home." Just think it's funny that of all the stuff you could've used, you chose y'all. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the break, and doing a lot of fun stuff (sleeping in). That's exciting to hear about the sacrament meeting with all those great guys. I'm really excited for Ben, he will do great. I'm kinda glad I won't be at home when you do the mass cleaning thing, that sounds like a ton of work.

This week was a great week! There was a lot of fun/interesting things that happened this week. I've enjoyed my time out here in Navasota, there has been so much country it is the best. Unfortunately there hasn't been too many service opportunities yet. But the service that we do is with an old folks home, and on Tuesday we went to play Jingo (like bingo but instead of numbers uses things from the bible) with them and that is a lot of fun. The old people really love their bingo. Later that day we went back to help out with a Christmas party they did, it was fun, just helped hand out presents and food and drinks.

On Wednesday I had a blast because it was the mission wide Christmas conference. I love those things, so many missionaries, it is awesome. The conference itself was really cool, we got to listen to a bit of the words of President, and a lot of good musical numbers. We also watched the Nativity movie which is always a fun one to watch. We did some caroling, just singing some of the Christmas songs we know and love. After that, we went down to English class and I met a cool investigator that we got here. 

Thursday was a long day of planning what will be done in the coming week. After this giant planning session (we do them every Thursday, and sometimes I lovingly refer to it as weekly death), we went out to eat with a really cool member, the Thomas family. While in the course of conversation, I learned that we might be related to him, He has a Hansen in his family history that was in snowflake AZ, just like grammie! Then a youth came out with us, which was nice of him because era (Spanish for it was) Christmas Eve, so he's the bomb! Then Christmas Day! We had a terribly fun time in district meeting. We played an awesome game for language study, and then just had a great district meeting in general. During it we had a White elephant gift exchange thing, which was cool. Everyone in the district got something cool and we all enjoyed our time together. After district meeting, I got to talk with y'all! Such a blast, and the food we ate while at the house was amazing, ham and potatoes, and broccoli and what not. After that we went to a different members house and had dinner. The daughter there is so cute! (Don't worry she is only 4). We ate, and I helped the little boy there with one of his toys, a robot dinosaur. It was pretty interesting. Then we went to give cookies to a less active, all in all a great Christmas. 

Saturday returned to being a pretty normal day. The only thing really interesting is that the persons house that we went to eat at, were big fans of Star Wars and they were just pleasant company in general, lots of cool stories to listen to. Then after them we tried see some Spanish less actives and investigators, and then finding. 

Sunday, Sunday was a poquito ( a little) stressful for me. I had a talk that I had to give in sacrament meeting, the one catch is that it was the Spanish sacrament meeting (they occasionally do a split sacrament so the Hispanics can get all in Spanish with out translation). The talk was to be about the temples and their blessings, so I thought i was ok, not stress or anything like that. But then we got to church, and lo and behold the second councilor in the Mission Presidency is there (he speaks Spanish natively) and he goes to the Spanish sacrament meeting. So I had to give my talk in front of him. I wonder why this happens to me, in the CCM the President and his wife came when I gave a talk, and now this. I'm 2/3 for having people be there and watch me speak. The rest of the day was pretty normal. Oh I met a really cool member, and we taught his friend that was at his house. I love y'all so much! You da best!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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