Monday, January 25, 2016

Navasota Week 3

Hey what's up mom!

So my week was really fun, it was filled with a ton of missionary work though. Monday we took a youth out and found someone that went to his school, so that was really cool. It was also kinda weird because the guy we contacted into, the very first one, was someone we ran into at a gas station earlier. So that was really interesting.

On Tuesday we has a normal day, we played Bible bingo in the morning with old people and then just did normal missionary work. There was a kid we went to teach that we play some ball with as well, it was a tied set, and it was the third game, and we were down 9-1 and we came back and won, 15-11, so one could say we have good comp unity. Then English class. We were gonna take a youth out with us to go contacting, but he couldn't make it, so we went contacting and found some pretty good potentials.

Wednesday was a normal day, we played bingo at the old folks home, and it was funny to see Lathen's reaction to winning,and than think of the old people's reactions. I think they are pretty similar. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened on Wednesday, but at night we were gonna take another youth out, but he could only be there for the English class. 

Thursday was a pretty fun day, started a little boring at the giant planning session that we have every Thursday, but for the night, we had a party, because it was New Year's Eve. We had to be in the house at our regular time, but before that we had a great party with a bunch of Latinos. We had grilled fish, they were the whole fish bones and everything, see pictures.  Oh, I got to hold some little puppies, they fit into my hand, they were so cute! Then at night, we just chilled at our house, and then when midnight hit, we drank some of the sparkling well ha stuff, so that was fun.

On Friday, we started off normal, just district meeting and what not. We then went to a bomb BBQ place, I got some BBQ brisket sandwich, which was delicious. We saw some less active durin the day, then at night, we took a dad and his son out with us to teach some lessons. It was an awesome experience for everyone involved. I think it is really cool how we focus a lot on the young men in the branch. I love how it makes them feel included.

Saturday was a normal Saturday. We tried focusing on less actives and seeing them to church, but we only were able to hit a few. We took a little 12 year old deacon with us to a few lessons, it was his first time out, and he had a great time. He's already asking when he can come again. We saw this really awesome potential family, and they seem really solid. They drank up the knowledge that we had to offer them. 

Sunday was a pretty good day. We had 5 investigators at church, which was so cool! Two were guys we've been teaching for a while, and the other three were a new family we found this week. I had to translate
again, and I found it wasn't as hard as last time. Maybe I just psyched myself out last time. After church we had a break the fast, which was full of yummy food and fun mingling with the ward. Our investigators stayed and were part of that so it was cool. After church we took another youth out with us. Again he loved it and has expressed that he wants to come out with us again. After we got home and planned, we played a little game with pillow cushions and a nerf gun, it was very interesting. 

Today I had a blast! We did normal stuff until two, then we went up to an activity center and bowled, played laser tag and mini golf as a district. We all had so much fun! 

The main guy we are working with is James, he is a caretaker of a less active. He is really cool and really wants to know more. Also we have the Morris family, their kids are the members, but the parents are investigating. They are really cool people. The majority of the other people we have been working with are less active or just people that are potentials. 

I love y'all so much, y'all are the best and I wish y'all a happy new year!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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