Monday, January 25, 2016

Navasota Week 4

¿Qué onda, mamá?

It's just fun to do Spanish every now and then. I'll start by taking out the nitty gritty. I got the videos of Lilly getting sung to, and yeah, the others as well. Whatever you are doing seems to be working, so keep it up. And to answer the journal question, yes. I haven't missed a day of my mission yet. It's cool because it gives me a chance to practice writing in Spanish! I got the letter, and I think Great grandma is so sweet, she doesn't need to write me back, I just want to send her that. 
Do you happen to know great grandma Johnson's address? I want to start writing her as well. 

Monday evening was pretty  cool. We just taught a family the restoration, hopefully everything goes well so they can begin to prepare to be baptized. Other than that we just went home, and did the normal nightly stuff. Tuesday was a fun day. District leaders had to go to MLC, so I was living the trio lifestyle with Elders Thorne and Heiner. We had a blast together. We did bingo, then helped a member move some of his stuff from an old house to his new one. He needed us for our muscles. After that we taught James, and he is doing great, he loves everything we teach him, and he drinks it all up. He is an awesome kid. 

That night we had English class, and then I went up on an exchange with Elder Aholelei in college Station Bryan. We taught a less active family and helped them set goals for the future. On Wednesday I spent a lot of the day up in College Station/Bryan. It was so much fun to be with Elder Aholelei, to talk and see how he has grown. With him, we had a ward correlation for the missionaries, and then we went out to do service. We helped this one guy feed his cows. It was a blast! It is such beautiful country up there, I can't believe it. After the exchange was over, I finished up English class, and then we went to teach this one lady we found recently. She has a lot of potential, her and her family, but I think pressure from the members might have turned her away. Thursday was the giant planning day. I can't think of anything too crazy that happened there. Friday was spiritually packed. We started out the day by going to the funeral of the 2nd councilor in the mission presidency's wife. They are Hispanic, so they asked all the Hispanic missionaries to come and sing a song there. It was awesome to feel the love that the children had for their mom, and the love that he had for her. Then after that we had to rush to get to zone meeting. Zone meeting was an uplifting experience. We learned about how to better teach profets and the Book of Mormon, so they could understand the importance of the BoM. That night we just went contacting for hours.... So much fun, especially when it got foggy. Saturday was a pretty fun day. We taught James again, and then gave him some service, we helped him get one car running again, so that was a lot of fun. Another fun thing that happened was we went contacting, and the wind tore right through the sweater, as if I wasn't wearing anything. That night for dinner, we had some fried chicken, and then some ribs. The ribs were so good, Valerie would have hated them, but everyone else would have enjoyed them. Sunday was fun... As you know I get to translate the meeting into Spanish. Guess who got to speak today? The high councilman. You know how they give talks, big words flowing in and out of scripture and talks, so it was a struggle to get everything from him down. The rest of Sunday was a normal day. We got to take a youth out after church, so it was fun that he got to do that. Also, at night we had a really spiritual lesson with a menos activo. We taught the plan, and when we were talking about the atonement of Jesuscrist, the spirit was felt so strongly. We decide to leave after that, to leave them on a spiritual  note. It's weird, I feel like my teaching in Spanish is more powerful than mine in English. 

Today, the reason for the late email, is we had a zone p-day activity.We went to a park in college station, and played soccer and football as a zone. I had such a great time, but I did come out injured. My glasses broke, and my shorts got ripped. It's whatever, things lie, that come and go, but the memories I made there were awesome. I love y'all so much. Y'all are the best, and thanks so much for the support y'all give me.

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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