Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Navasota Week 6

Hey mom!

So, I don't know why, but the server is being really weird right now and I haven't gotten any emails other than yesterday's pictures. I loved all the pictures of the blizzard y'all have had, I'm really jealous, because I don't get a lick of snow down here, but the two years I'm gone, we get a boatload of snow! 

On Monday, we went and had an awesome chili dinner with the Stuart Family. They are really cool, and we went and saw a tour of the house that they are building. It's real cool, they will even have a urinal and everything! Tuesday, was just a normal Tuesday.  In the morning we had out jingo with the old people. It almost didn't happen, because no one showed up until a bit later than we were supposed to start. We had dinner with this one family, the Jarvis family, and their daughter is so cute! She's four, so don't worry, it's like me saying Lilly is cute. We then had English class, which was fun, I got some selfie so with tapes of the kids (no idea what this means!?) that show up. We brought a youth out with us, and were able to see one of our really good potential, sadly she went to house sit down in Houston, so we haven't seen her in a while. 

Wednesday, we had an exchange with the ZLs, but the cool thing was, there was a world wide missionary broadcast as well that day. It was an awesome thing to go to, we heard from Elders Bednar, Anderson, Oaks, and a few other people on the missionary board. The exchange went great, we saw a bunch of potentials, and what not. English class didn't happen, no one showed up, so we went to teach a lesson. Wow do they know how to talk. We spoke a total of probably 20 min in an hour lesson. It was fun, Elder Nielsen, the ZL, is a cool kid. He goes home this week, so I was his last exchange. Thursday actually was a little different this week. We had interviews! They went great for me, president is such a cool kid. I started talking about school with him, once you find out the dates for the ecclesiastical thing, just let me know when. The rest of the day was weekly planning, and then at night we went on splits. I went with a guy named Billy. We went to see James! We had a great lesson about the restoration. Elder Heiner went with a youth to go contacting.

Friday was a normal day as well, district meeting, and then we went out to eat with the district because the hermanas are leaving us next transfer. After we finished weekly planning because interviews threw off the timing. At the end, we went and tried to visit someone out in the country, we confirmed the appointment and everything, but she was not there, so we came back and talked with a guy named Serafin. He is doin great, reading and everything. Saturday we had the potential to teach a ton, but a lot of it fell through. At one of the places we were gonna go to, there was a rope, so I climbed it. It was a good workout, and I gained more respect for those climbers, it takes a lot of muscle. We went out to dinner with a family way out in the country. It was cool because they invited their friends over, and we were able to teach them and talk with them. We gave them a Book of Mormon. We came back into town and went to see a less active Spanish family. We taught them the plan of salvation. I don't know why, but to me it is easier to teach in Spanish, so I enjoy every opportunity to teach in Spanish that I get.

Sunday was cool. I continued translating, which is always a fun job. It's a struggle sometimes because I  sometimes can't hear the speakers too well, so they get a little modified version of the talk. I learned that "If I Could Hie to Kolob" is such a deep hymn. If you read the lyrics and think about it, it is really deep. That day was a less actives day, meaning we tried to see all the less actives we could. We were able to see quite a few, and one of them had some cute puppies that we played with for a little bit.

Then today was fun. We went and hung out with the district, played some ball, pool, you know, just the fun stuff. We also went to Cave Deers, and I got myself a cool hat. Elder Heiner and I are staying together this transfer. I'm pumped because he is such a cool kid! Like I mentioned earlier, the email service is being strange, so I haven't
gotten emails since yesterday. I love you so much, and hope you had a great week!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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