Monday, January 25, 2016

Navasota Week 5

Hey mom!

So I got your letter, and it made me realize how short my time is, so thanks a lot. I will begin talking to president about everything, and get things done over here. Just any flavor of sunglasses will do, I have no particulars. So, the busy cookie mom once again... I hope you have a fun time at it! You know my favorites, tagalongs samoas and thin mints. That's so fun to hear of all the service that y'all are doin. 

Well, my week... It was kinda a struggle, but something I did notice is that when we go out finding, we don't teach as many lessons as we normally do. Monday I had an interesting experience, so at night, all of our appointments fell through, so we were deciding on what we needed to do that night. I had the impression to go to a potential investigator's house, but I ignored it and we went somewhere else. That person fell though, so I decided we should try out the potential that I felt we should visit earlier. He was home! And we had a really good lesson with him and his wife. It was a good learning experience for me that I need to do what the Spirit tells me to do.

On Tuesday... Tuesday was a pretty normal Tuesday, I didn't do anything too crazy. Just started the day off with Jingo (Bible Bingo). It was interesting because the old people almost got into a fight. Bingo is the best! After that, just a normal day luchando to see people. We were gonna help again with a move, but he had to cancel on us, he went to the temple. I wish I could have gone with him... Then we had English class at night, which is always fun. We had a larger class than normal, a whopping 4 people! Afterwards we took a youth out with us to teach some lessons, but again, nobody likes us so we went finding with the youth. One of the guys we talked to was a Muslim, so that was interesting to contrast his beliefs with ours. Then Wednesday came along. It was a pretty fun day, we went out to eat at a burger joint with some members for lunch. I got a burger and some delicious onion rings, just stuff that you wouldn't like to eat. After that we saw James, our investigator. He is doing great, he tells us that he can't wait till after he is baptized to be able to go and share his story with other people we teach. We also went to Bingo, and it was hilarious, one of the old folks rage quit on us. People were talking and he was like, "I'm not gonna deal with this crap!" And then wheeled away in his chair.

We ate and shared a message with on of the eternagators, fancy for eternal investigators/ dry members, we are teaching, and they are awesome! Then we had English class, which was cool because one of the less actives we are working with in the Spanish program came! Thursday, was long... As with every Thursday, we had the weekly planning session that lasted all day, basically, and then at the end of that, a member took us out to eat at a place called, the Cotton Patch. I had a delicious chicken fried steak. It was really fun because the member that took us had so many cool stories, so I, loving to listen to stories, had a blast just sitting there and drinking in his stories. Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Thorne! I had a blast being with him again. Again it was a day full of contacting, because nobody wanted to open up and let us in. We ate at a members house, chili and corn bread, which was really delicious! I love the people in this branch, they are all just really good people and very loving. So we go to Walmart sometimes to talk with people, so we went there and one guy came up to us and asked us about English class, we explained everything to him, and hopefully he will be there this week!

Saturday was a pretty fun day as well. We helped a family move in the morning. It was cool to see how many people came out to help them. We then ate hamburgers with them, which were really yummy. Went up to college station to get some training on, still not 100% sure as to what I'm doing, but now I have a better idea of what I'm doing, and to also exchange back.  We taught James and he is doing great, still so excited to be on this lovely path. It was also a day full of contacting, and what not. Sunday, woot woot! Sunday was fun, we split church, meaning we had a Spanish sacrament meeting and and English one. In the Spanish sacrament meeting, it touched me to play the piano, and give a talk. It is fun to be part of such a small group, we have so much to do! Oh the Spanish sacrament didn't start until late, and it was just so small! Again the struggles continued, and we weren't able to see many people. We had dinner with a family though, some good ole BBQ pork chops! There was a Spanish fireside that we tried to do last night, but nobody showed up to it, so we canceled it. It was pretty sad that we had to do that. 

Today was decent up to this point. We got to go and do all of the fun stuff we normally do on p-day, like wash clothes and shop and what not. We were taking out the trash, and then we stopped to help someone move. It was kind frustrating because afterwards, the person started asking us questions, but then got kinda bashy. It was frustrating because it lasted for at least an hour... But oh well, hopefully one day she will find missionaries again. Thanks so much for all the pictures and videos I get, I love seeing them, and enjoy watching them with whoever I'm with. 

It's fun to see how they all have grown up and changed. I love y'all so much, keep on being the awesome people that y'all are!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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