Friday, December 25, 2015

Houston 5 Week 12

What's good in the hood mom?

This week was so bomb! So much fun stuff happened, it was all so fun! 

First off, I'm glad to hear that everyone in the fam is doing well, and are enjoying their respective lives. I'm glad to hear that your are keeping busy with your calling and with my siblings lives, sometimes it's nice to be busy. 

Well this week, like I said, was a bomb week so much funness it's not even real man. Oh first off I'm getting transferred, so I loved how much fun the final week in this area has been. Tuesday was probably the most normal day of the week, just English class, and nothing else overly interesting happened. In the night we had splits and I met a really cool guy who is an ex army guy who served in Vietnam. Then on Wednesday we got to go to the TEMPLE!!!!! It was a bomb experience as it always is in the temple. I wish I could go there more often, the spirit there is great. One thing that President asked us to think about there was a gift to Christ that we could give this year, so I will try to Better use my talents in missionary work. After the temple it was just a normal day, go and see people and what not. Then Thursday I had the chance to go to the peanut butter factory and give service there. It was fun to see how a peanut butter factory works from the inside. While I was there I got to help stack boxes filled with peanut butter onto pallets and the other station I worked at was screwing on lids for the peanut butter jars. It was rather fun for a bit of manual labor. Then planning, which was just normal, and the ward mission coordination meeting with all the missionaries and the ward mission leader. A good Thursday. On Friday we had zone meeting,always a fun experience to go and do that. This Zone Meeting we talked about how we are light bearers and we need to be the leaders in the world to help bring others to this happiness. After that we took some fun pictures and had a gift exchange, so a pretty fun day. After the meeting it was a normal day, we saw an investigator that we haven't seen for a while(he is an English one) and so that is always fun. Had a lesson with the less active 9 year old we are gonna baptize, and the 9 year old wants it, but I don't know how much the parents do. Then Saturday was a great day, the baptism was beautiful, we worked hard throughout the week to make sure everything was set up and good, and it was a beautiful baptism, and such an awesome way to finish the transfer. We had a pretty good showing from the ward, which was nice, and then some good semi-american refreshments, nachos and hotdogs. We also saw another investigator that we are teaching later that night. On Sunday we had a blast, it was cool to see the guy who got baptized confirmed. It was funny because at the end of sacrament meeting, they invited him to say the closing prayer, so he went up like a trooper and did it. I believe that they already have a calling in mind for him, so he should get busy soon with that. 

Today was a blast, we won the zone activity, so basically that means we got to get together as a zone with the Mortensen's and play sports and spend the day in the park with them. It was so much fun, but the fields were really wet and I got extremely muddy. But it was so much fun, lots of slipping and sliding going on. Other than that, it has been a chil pday, hang out and then tonight I gotta pack. I love you so much and am excited to talk with y'all next week.

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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