Thursday, June 2, 2016

Back to Houston 5 Week 3

What's up mom?

My week was good, and I'm really sorry about my lack of pictures, I've been taking them, but I just haven't been sending them. I am so sorry. But the picture you mentioned I thought I looked bored. It sounds like people are having a great time at home, everyone seems content, so that's awesome. I think it's awesome that your trying to finish the BoM this year, I should finish right before I get home. Would that qualify me for the pin? Lol, I don't need it. 

So, I had a really fun week. Well, kinda normal week, but there were some really fun parts about it. Last week I went to the Zoo! I had a blast going there. I saw some really cool animals. My favorites were the naked mole rats, the chimps and the orangutan. I also saw a llama(shout out to Kiley!), I wanted it to spit on me, but I couldn't
make it do that :(. That night we had a fun lesson with one of the recent converts. His name is Raymundo, and he is a really funny guy, he was busting up jokes during the lesson. Tuesday came and it was just like any other Tuesday here in Little York. The cha began with English class, just a Tuesday type deal. After that we had some time to knock doors. It was a fun time, kinda, sorta, but we talked with some really cool people and found some
potentials from there. That night we had splits, I went with an Hermano Se llama Orozco. We visited one of the less active families that I hadn't seen since my last time here. It was a fun to see them, and they were happy to see me again. Then Wednesday came rolling around like the thug that it is. #humpday! I'm actually not too big a fan of Wednesday's. It's harder to find things to do during the dead hours, or the time during the day. Fortunately we had some pretty good things set up. We visited a potential, I don't know where he will go, but we taught him in his machine shop. The rest of the day was kinda tougher. We taught the Rodriguez family, a family that will be baptized this week, and they are doing awesome. But apart from them, the day was full of canceled lessons, and no one being home. Just another one of those days. 

Thursday was normal, nothing really changed from any other Thursday. We had English class in the morning, the only different thing about that was that someone came to watch us, and then they gave us cookies. Taco Thursday is a little thing we do every now and then, so we got tacos after English class. After that we had the lovely weekly planing. After that we went and ate some bomb empanadas de pollo. That night we had Ward missionary correlation. 

Friday was a pretty fun day. We had district meeting, then we went to Speedy Burger for lunch. I think that has become a regular thing as a district, just going to speedy burger to eat. After that I begun an exchange with elder Barrus, another elder in the district. I was down in the more hood area of town, so that was fun. We had an interesting lesson with a guy who was basically bashing on what we believed. That night we went to a yummy snow cone place. Saturday I was still in the more ghetto area for the majority of the day. Oh it was raining a lot Friday and Saturday, so I got pretty wet. And Sunday as well, but that's another side point. Saturday I ate half a chicken, which was really delicious. Then we went to go get tortas from an hermana in the other ward. That night we met up at the church to trade back and also give hermana Rodriguez a tour of the church. It went well, and she is super excited for her baptism this Saturday. After that went went contacting in the rain. I didn't have a jacket, and got very wet. 

Sunday was a normal day. We had church in the morning and into the early afternoon, which was pretty good. I almost had to translate again, but narrowly got out of that. One of the ex missionaries is here visiting, so it was really fun to see him, his name is Paschal. We went contacting in the rain, yay, again very wet I was. Later that evening, we had a home lesson with Rocio, a recent convert, and she is awesome. She told us how she explained the plan of salvation to her friend. Then we had dinner, fried fish, and it was delicious. Then we went to teach this one guy who has some potential, the problem is he just works a lot.

Thanks for everything mom, you are da best. I love you so much!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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