Thursday, June 2, 2016

Back to Houston 5 Week 5

Hello mom!

Wow, it sounds like you had a really fun week this week. Camping amongst other things, so that must have been really fun. It sounds rainy, just like over here. The only day it was really bad was on Friday, but the day after, basically everything was clear. Houston has such weird weather habits. No, we don't have any memorial day stuff planned, just a normal p-day, i forgot it was memorial day until someone told me about it yesterday. 

My week was a pretty normal week in the mission. Honestly there isn't too much of variation between the weeks. On Monday, we had an interview for Arnold, a kid that we baptized on Saturday. After that we went to do a little family home evening with Eduardo and his family. It went pretty well, everything was well understood and we had a great time there. Tuesday, just another normal Tuesday, we taught English class in the morning, and that is always fun to do. Then we went out and saw a bunch of people, less actives, potentials and what not. We had some time to go knocking doors. I find that it doesn't bother me near as much as it used to, like its not something that I don't really want to do. In fact there are times where I'm like, "Lets just go knocking". 

Wednesday we were out and about doing our thing all day long. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened, just some visits and knocking and what not. That day we dedicated a bit of time to trying to find the referrals we have received, sadly some of them weren't there, or weren't interested. Oh well, we did our best to help them. For dinner one of the members bought us these giant baked potatoes, they were delicious and huge! 
Thursday was another normal Thursday for us. We went and taught some good ole English class, nothing new about that, and then came home to plan for the upcoming week. After all the planning was done we went and ate some delicious fried fish with rice and tamales. Then came The ward missionary correlation, i made some Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, and everyone liked it.

Friday was a pretty good day. i went on an Exchange with Elder Aholelei, and we had a blast together. Honestly I have so much fun with him, i cant wait to hang out with him post mission. I made another loaf of banana bread for district meeting, and it was eaten up. That day we went to go and try to teach an investigator in the back of a trailer park, and we ended up wading through water up to about mid shin. it was a ton of water!

Saturday came, and i was back with Elder Tidwell, and we spent our time checking up on some investigators and less actives to make sure that they were coming to church. We also had the Baptism of Arnold, and it was awesome to be there. I was the one that actually got to baptize him, so that was fun. That evening we went to a graduation party of one of our recent converts, and had a fun time there.

Sunday came, and Sunday went. I spend over half my Sunday at church, and this week it touched the missionaries to give talks, YAY! I love talks! it wasn't too bad, and we all spoke on different aspects of the missionary work. After church we tried seeing some menos activos and other people that didn't come to church that day. At night we had dinner, just some good ole Mexican food, nachos, chicken, frijoles charros, and potato salad. It was a pretty fun day.

Today is just normal, nothing to interesting happening. We are going to go out to eat with a member, so that should be fun.

I love you So much! Keep on being great!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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