Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back to Houston 5 Week 6


Wow, it sounds like y'all had a busy week this week, which is awesome. I hope y'all have a quick busy filled weeks until summer comes. So, just to clarify, I have more than one transfer left, a little more, but still. And this transfer, I'm leaving. I think that I'm going out to Waller, president had talked with me about that a few weeks ago,
but tomorrow we will see for sure. 

We had a pretty good week, a great last week in H5. Monday we had a normal p-day, the only thing really special thing was going out to eat with a member. The member was pretty funny. That night we went and saw the Renteria family and a part member family that we have been trying to see.

Tuesday was a pretty good day as well, lots of rain throughout the week, but that day wasn't too bad.  We did some English class in the morning, and that was pretty fun. After that we spent the day just visiting with some random people, and doing some knocking. It's fun. That night we had splits and I went the Elders Quorum president, he is one of my favorite members. His name is Pablo Ramirez, and we had a good heart to heart in the car, lol. We saw the Renteria family, and a recent convert as well. 

Wednesday was a day where it dumped on us on and off the whole day. Again, it was a day filled with visiting people and knocking doors as well. It was pretty fun to be able to do all of that. That night we had a really good lesson with one of our recent converts. The spirit really inspired that one because she needed our help in that moment. 

Thursday was an awesome day for me. I had the opportunity to go to the temple, which is always the best. Again we got to do all the ordinances for our antepasados, so I got to go through the whole thing. A unique thing about this time around was that I baptized and confirmed my comp for his antepasado, and then he did the same for me. It was just a really cool neat experience that I had there. That night we went and visited with Eduardo Parra and talked with him for a bit.

Friday was awesome for me. We had zone meeting and it was just what I needed to help me to finish out strong. We focused a lot on how our time here is limited and how we need to remember our true purpose here. I feel like I've never been sharper, so that's awesome for me. 

Again we went knocking, and I tried to apply some of the principles I learned to see how I could get better. It went pretty well, I feel like I had more meaningful contacts. Other than that, we just visited other people. Saturday was a pretty fun day as well. We were going to have the barbecue, but it rained out, so that didn't happen. Instead we went to the pulga to try and talk with people there. All cool, it is definitely a place to go after the mission. Other than that, just visiting other people and doing our best to try and get people to church. 

We saw the Renteria family that night. Sunday was normal. We went to church, and even though the Renteria family said they would come to church, they didn't end up making it:(. After church we had a pretty cool lesson with a potential and then went to eat some taco stuff. That night we saw a part member family. The Mexico contra Uruguay game was on, and I was shocked when they turned it off so we could talk with them. We received the transfer calls hat night, and I learned I was leaving. Now where to...That's how it went down, I love y'all so much! Cuídense

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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