Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back to Waller Week 4


Happy 4th of July!! It's weird to think that it is already July, I feel like June had just started... I'm not going to be doing any fireworks :( but I might see some tonight from our house, there is a place fairly close by that will light off big ones I think. We do have a Waller Freedom Festival going on right now, but I think for the most part I will be down with Hispanics or the district today, maybe doin a little BBQ, yummy. I did get your package, they are quite tasty the little chocolates, no they did not melt, so yay for me! 

This week was pretty Good, on Monday we had a nice hangout day out in Waller, we went bowling later that day with some people in the ward. I'm not the best bowler, but I got through mostly. My thumb was a little sore from throwing, but that's ok. That night for dinner I had a tasty  lasagna as well, it had a little bit of a kick to it but tasted delicious. The rest of the night was just a bunch of people not there for their lessons. That night, we exchanged our truck so it could get fixed, and we got to use a Toyota Tacoma, honestly I think it's the best car in the mission, and one that I've wanted to drive for a long time. 

Tuesday was a pretty fun day as well. We started out helping out Sam Arungwa, ya know, just a poquito of the service that gets done out here. Then we went to see Mike Ball, someone who was baptized last year when I was here, and he's doin pretty good. Upon finishing that, we went and did some contacting and visiting of people around Hempstead, and that was pretty fun, it was nice to be back up there, we hadn't been there in a while. Then came the English class, but no one showed :( I guess that's what happens when it rains, the Hispanics all hide. Then we went to go see Juan Alvarez and helped finish up preparing him for baptism.  Wednesday was also pretty good, we did some service with Bill that day, and that was pretty fun like usual. We helped clean out a barn, and then burned a ton of stuff. After the service he took us out to eat some delicious BBQ sandwiches. After that it was a day like normal. We saw some people, but nothing too exciting. We had Ward missionary correlation which was pretty good as usual. Thursday as well was a pretty good day, normal day though. We planned for the week and then went out to see the person we knocked into last week who had the dream about us the night before we knocked. Then we had dinner with the Bayles family, it was different because they are vegetarians and we had taco salad, but instead of hamburger meat we had quinoa. Then came English class and we saw Juan Alvarez that night. Then came Friday, we had zone meeting this Friday, and I realized that I was the oldest one there... By far. It was a good meeting, I learned a bit. After that I went on a exchange up to Conroe. I had a pretty fun time up there, Conroe is a nice place. There are more Hispanics there than Waller, but it's a little more city there. We did some knocking and helped move a family. We stayed up really late talking, but thus is the nature of exchanges.

Saturday came and I came back Waller. That day we did some knocking, and then prepared for the baptism of Juan Alvarez, it went really well. We had a lot of support from the branch, so that was super awesome. It was really cool because it was Elder Seller's first baptism. Then Sunday Juan got confirmed. Juan brought one of his friends to the baptism, and then to church so that was cool for him to have already thought about these things. 

After church Sunday was a normal day, had some delicious tacos and then went out knocking. We met some who just talked to us for an hour. It was a little annoying because we couldn't talk to more people, but he had a bunch of cool stories. Then we saw the Thomas family as well, and they are doing pretty well, I hope to help them out in this last little bit that I have left. Today will be parties galore, so I'm going to enjoy it!

Elder Atkinson

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