Monday, July 18, 2016

Back to Waller Week 6

What's up mom!

So, it is my birthday, and my sentence is sure, I am staying in Waller for the end. Please don't send me anything too much, it's so close to going home, it's almost not worth it, but if you want to send me something you can. It's good that you had a busy week. 

So, this week was pretty fun, Monday we went out to the museum in Houston. It was a pretty fun p-day, John Marin and Pablo Ramirez went with us, so we had a really fun time there. My favorite part was seeing the dinosaurs. That evening we just ate with some members, I love the Hispanic culture! We then took a little time to go contacting and try to find people. Tuesday was pretty normal, that morning we went out to give service with a thrift shop up in Hempstead, that was pretty fun. It was something that we did last year, so I enjoyed going back there. Then we saw Mike ball, one of my recent converts, and he is doing pretty well. The rest of was contacting, and then came English class. That went pretty well, we had some new people. Then we went and saw Juan Alvarez, and he is doing great. 

Wednesday was cool, we went and did some family history training. After that we went over to have interviews. Mine went pretty well, we talked about some of the people in our area and how we could best help them. At the end I felt like I needed a blessing, so I asked president, and it was awesome, something that will help me finish strong and continue til the end of my life. We came back and knocked some more doors. We ate chiles rellenos that night, Elder Sellers thought they were picante, but to me they weren't. Thursday was weekly planning, the joy and wonder that is that thing. After that we went and ate with the Ramirez family. I don't remember what, but it was delicious. Then that night was English class, the same people came, and it went pretty well. Then we went to go see Juan and his friend Joe at night. We had a good plan of salvation lesson. Friday was district meeting, and all the joys that come with that. Everything went pretty well, I don't have too many of them left, so I guess I need to savor them. That day I went on an exchange with Elder Self, he is a cool guy, and we had a ton of fun together. We knocked doors, had breakfast for dinner, then went up to a watermelon festival in Hempstead. That night we saw a guy named Sidney Johnson, and had a good lesson with him. 

Saturday I spent the majority of the day with Elder Self. We had fun, we contacted a little bit and then tried seeing a few investigators, but they were not home. We switched back and then went and saw Joe and Juan, that basically carried us into the rest of the night. Sunday was good, Juan Nuñez was able to make it to church as well as Joe, so that's something to be excited about. We went and had some brisket with the Ramirez family, and we laughed and had a great time over there. Then we traveled up to Hempstead and saw one of our
investigators. Then we got transfer calls that night, I'm staying with Elder Sellers and we are going to get a third missionary. Well, I love you, so have a great day! Ttyl! 

Elder Atkinson(Nic)

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