Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to Waller Week 7


Did get your package, I loved the shirt, it was perfect for me. I love having three companions, it is such a blast. 

My new companion is named Elder Marquez, he is from California and it seems like we will have a blast this transfer. So Monday was a pretty fun day, we just chilled with the district and then went over to the Schilds house. I got my haircut which was long needed, now I look beautiful. I'll probably get another one just before I leave. That night we just enjoyed the Schilds, then went and tried our own thing. 

Tuesday we went down to transfers to pick up elder Marquez, it was sad to see all the missionaries that were leaving go. I feel like I've lost a lot of friends over the years, but soon I'll see them again, so it's all good. 

That day we just got everything situated, then contacted some up in Hempstead. It was pretty fun. That night was English class and then we went and saw Joe. Wednesday we had an exchange, Elder Sellers just got made District Leader, so he went up to the Zone Leader. We had a fun day, did some family history training and then went contacting. That's what we did a lot this week, contacting. We then ate a tasty lasagna with the Adams family. We had a normal day other than that. At night we did a "Fright Night" type thing were we decked out the apartment and tried scaring the guy who was trying to find us. 

Thursday was a normal day, we exchanged back and then started the weekly planning. For lunch/dinner we got baked potatoes from a BBQ joint around us. That's what my birthday dinner was, cause we had someone planned for Friday's dinner. The rest of the day was normal, English class then we went to see Joe we set a baptismal date for August, I won't be here, but I'm super pumped for him.

 Friday was good, district meeting and all that fun stuff. After district meeting we ate some smash burger, a burger joint down here. Once lunch was done, we did some service for this one guy, helping him move his bed. After that we knocked some doors and then went to eat at the ward mission leaders house for dinner and correlation. It went pretty good, vegetarian tacos. After that we went and knocked some more, then visited some potentials. Saturday was a fun day, during studies we got a call about some service we could do, so we went and helped out with that. After that we got to process some rabbits, remember when I did that to chickens last year? Well now I can do it with rabbits too.

 The rest of Saturday was contacting and trying to get people to a baptism that we had, not an investigator, but someone for the branch. The baptism went well, I played the piano. Sunday was a good normal day. Church happened, and then we went to a family history class to help out someone who speaks Spanish. That night while we were contacting, we ran into some drunk people. I learned that Latino dunk people are nicer than American ones. The Latinos are less rude. we also saw Juan Nuñez, we might be dropping him soon. Well, that was my week it was fun and I'm looking forward to these last few weeks.

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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