Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to Waller Week 9

Hey mom, just so you know, I did know that it was your anniversary on the 7th. I was talking with someone this week and they too had an anniversary on the 7th, so I was like, "Woah! That's my parents anniversary!" So congrats, in two years it is the big 25. It sounds like y'all are having a bunch of fun with the family. I'm super
excited to get to see them all again, don't miss me too much though. I'm excited for grandma Becky and grandpa Bill, they are going to have a blast in their mission, it is super fun. 

So, this week was really good, there was a bunch of fun things that happened. Again, it was a week filled with exchanges, so that was fun to be with other missionaries. On Monday, we had a fun p-day, just played a bunch of sports and what not. For me it's really fun when I get the chance to sports it up. At the end of p-day, I went to Louetta on an exchange and I stayed there until Wednesday. On that exchange I was with Elders Self and Pigott, both two really cool elders. Monday night, we went and ate at a recent converts house, and had a fun little family home evening there. It was pretty fun, we ate some delicious papusas. 

Tuesday I spent half the day in Louetta and the other half with President Mortensen. In Louetta we just contacted and studied. With President we went to the temple and did a bunch of going  home activities. The temple was a really cool experience as always, honestly super pumped to be able to go there more often. After the temple we ate at a little Mexican restaurant. It was more Tex Mex style than Mexican, but it was still good. After that it was a little fireside about dating and marriage leading into a testimony meeting. It was a really awesome spiritual experience for me. On Wednesday morning I did all my usual things for the morning, and a little bit of service at a food shelter. Then I exchanged back with my companions. The rest of Wednesday we just knocked doors and tried to see people. We went and we talked with Juan Nuñez at a park. It was really fun to go there and play on the park a little with his kids. The life of a niño is so carefree, it's awesome. 

The next day was Thursday, a normal Thursday. We did the weekly planning deal where we planned for this week, my last full week... After that we had some food, we ate with a member of the English ward, they are vegetarian, but their food is really delicious. We ate a vegetarian curry, it was pretty tasty. Friday we had zone meeting, so that's always fun to go to, get spiritually uplifted, and spend time with other missionaries. After that there was a meeting for the leadership, so the rest of us just played musical chairs and just had a bunch of fun. After we ate at Taco Bell, and started an exchange. I was in Waller with Elder Marquez and Pigott. We had such a fun time together. I definitely look to hanging out with them after the mission. We had a cool miracle, the last door we knocked opened up and let us in. They took the lessons in the past, and they are super open to starting up again, a plus is that they fed us :). We stayed up late that night talking and what not. Saturday we changed back, and then continued the day normally. We were able to knock a lot of doors, some people who were interested. We also were able to see Joe that day, he is doin pretty good, so we are happy about that. We also were able to go and help set up a party for one of our investigators. Too bad we needed to leave before we could actually party. 

Then Sunday came around, a normal Sunday. We have a new senior missionary couple, the Benedict's, who are going to help us with the ward and branch, so that's cool. They are kinda like mission grandparents, it's an interesting feeling. The rest of the day we ate with the Benedicts, and saw a few less actives. It was a pretty solid day. Today should be a ton of fun, we have to go hard it's my second to last p-day.I love you so much mom! Keep up all the fun times that you having right now!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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