Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to Waller Week 10

What's up mom!

Wow, my last letter, it's kinda strange.... So my first dinner, could we have Cream Chicken on Toast? I really have no preferences, just stuff to remind me of Philly, Wawa, cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, nats pizza, stuff like that. Ok, I'm good on my topic, I think I've had experiences that have built my faith during the mission. I do have a few questions about the high council report, what do I talk about? Will I be released the night I get home, or when I report to the high council? I'll make sure nothing's over 50lbs, and I was about to ask what I should bring home. Should I take my towels or leave them? 

Well, on to my week, it was a pretty good last one, full of bitter sweetness for sure, but I had a bunch of fun. Last p-day was a blast, we were just hanging out at the church, and then decided to do a nerf war. It was really fun, shooting other people with foam darts brings a joy, don't know why. That night we just had time to go and find, some people, but nothing too solid. Tuesday was a pretty normal day. We went and did some service at a thrift shop we go to every now and then. After that there was a call elder sellers need to take, so we did that and then saw Mary Lopez, a less active. Other than that, we ate, did some finding and then went to English class. After English class, we saw Joe and Juan and they are doin awesome.

Wednesday was pretty fun, we went to Zone Conference, always a fun experience. The funny thing is that I gave my departing testimony... Again, lol. I believe I am the only missionary to give it twice. We talked a lot about faith and what faith actually means to us and how we apply it more fully in our lives. After we went on an exchange, I
stayed in Waller with elder sellers, and then elder Pogroszewski came to us. We ate with the Adams family, it was a delicious crock pot style meal. After that we saw a new family and had a solid restoration lesson with them , I'm super pumped for them. 

Thursday was a normal Thursday, we exchanged back and then did that weekly planning. We also got baked potatoes, so good, I will miss them a bunch. We also had a bashy lesson with a preacher from a local church. It was... interesting.... We ate with the Theiss family, they have a son who gets home a few weeks after I do. We ate Salisbury steaks, they were delicious. We had English class and then saw Juan and Joe.

Friday was a fun day, we had district meeting and president came to it... He gave me my exit interview while I was there, so I'm basically dead. After that we went on an exchange, me, elder self and elder Marquez. We had such a fun time together. We saw Juan Nuñez, Mary Lopez and Sidney Johnson. We tried setting a date with Juan, but he rejected it. Mary was good, we finished the plan of salvation with her. Sidney is cool, he is the mayor pro temp of Waller and he was sad to learn that I was leaving. We stayed up really late celebrating the year mark of elder self.

Saturday was good, we had some delicious Jamaican food with a family from the English ward. We then switched back and knocked a bit. We didn't find anyone with too much potential. We ate at the Bonilla house that night. They have a zip line in their backyard, it was so much fun. We ate Olive Garden, it was pretty delicious. After that we had a little party with Joe and Juan. They bought a cookie cake and they celebrated one of my last times there. Sunday was normal. We went to church, and I played my last time in church, it was kinda sad, but oh well. After church we spent time trying to see potentials, but no one was home. We ate with the Alvarenga Familiy, a new family in the branch, and celebrated elder selfs birthday. Then we saw Juan Nuñez, and had to drop him. I love you so much see you en 2 days! 

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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