Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back to Waller Week 2

Hey mom!

So, I am enjoying myself greatly out in Waller again, always a bunch of fun to come back to a great area. It has been quite hot out here, I step out of the car and with in seconds sweat starts forming on my skin, and then you get back in the car and your are basically choking on heat, but it is fun. Over all the weather has been decent to us, not a ton of rain, which has its ups and downs, but nothin else really to special about the weather. 

To start of how the week went, after returning home on p-day, we went out and knocked on some doors for a little bit. Again it's something that has grown on me to start enjoying. It's been a little tough knocking doors, just because people are always rejecting you, but I know there are people out there that need to be taught. 

That night we talked with a family called Muñoz, they have questions and want to learn, but I don't know if it is just academic or if they are willing to let the spirit touch their lives. Tuesday was pretty good as well, just another normal Tuesday. I had a meeting to go to with one of the members of the English Ward to see how we can help him out, so we'll see where we go with that. This English member's name is Sam, and he is pretty funny. After that we went contacting and that is always a good time for me. Dinner came along and we had some Pizza Hut with a member, pretty yummy, and then we had to rush to English class. Sadly no one came, but our Ward mission leader was there, so we had correlation. After that we took Brother Ramirez (the WML) out to teach Juan Alvarez, our investigator, who is progressing a lot. 

Wednesday, we had another deal where we helped out Sam, still don't know 100% what exactly we are doing for him, but it's service, so it's fun. Then we headed down to Hockley to visit with a member down there, and then knock a little bit in that area. It was good, we found a few potentials, we'll see where we go with them. Then that night we went up to help someone clean out their house from the floods that happened, it was a nice change from the normal laborious labors of missionary work. 

Thursday was just a normal Thursday day. We took up a bit of time weekly planning, and got ourselves ready for this week. Then we ate a quick bite, and headed out to work, ya know just trying to bust down the doors and teach people about the gospel. That night was English class and afterwards we went to go see one of our investigators and invited him to the Father's Day party we had on Friday. Friday was fun. We had a good district meeting, and then ate out as a district. I love these little nuggets of time where I can socialize with the missionaries around me. After district meeting we went back to breaking down doors and trying to teach people. We got in with a less active, and she told us very directly why she doesn't go to church (she got offended). Once, while we were knocking, Elder Sellers was nipped by a dog. It wasn't serious, but I still thought it was funny. Then that night we had the Branch Fathers Day party. It was a blast, and I enjoyed myself greatly. It was great just partying with the members there. We did a bunch of fun little activities while we were there. Saturday was full of knocking and trying to see people before Sunday so as to help the get to church. We had some family history training, and then we came back to our area. We went out to teach Juan Alvarez, and while we were teaching him, someone hit our truck. It wasn't bad, mostly just a little bit of scrapes, but still we got hit. After that we went and tried seeing some people, but to no avail. We finally stopped by the Thomas family, recent converts from last year( I taught them), to see how they were doing and share a little thought with them to help them out. 

Sunday was a pretty normal day, a good Father's Day. One of the things I like about working the two wards is that I get the spoils from both on Father's Day, so double the treats for me! We had two of our investigators make it to church, Juan Alvarez and Juan Nuñez, yeah, we teach everyjuan we can, lol. After church, we went back to beating down doors and trying to help people out, still finding, still seeking the prepared. We had dinner with a pretty cool family, chicken and rice American style. One of the people I met there is headed to BYU in the fall, so I might see him there. At the end of the night we stopped by a less active family and shared a little message with them. Today is Monday and we will see what fun is in store for me!
I love y'all so much! Stay cool and stay fresh!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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