Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back to Waller Week 3

Hello Mother!

I have had a great week this week, a bunch of cool miracles happened this week, Heavenly Father is definitely been helping me out a ton. To start from your questions, I just knock where ever hasn't been knocked recently, and that is mostly from what my companion tells me. And last week the little accident, we haven't gotten that all the way fixed up yet, we will lose the truck for a little bit, and get another one, but then she will be back.

Last Monday was a pretty good day, we basically just hung out with the other missionaries in our district just doing whatever. One of them tried to teach us to breakdance, don't know the success level with other missionaries, but I feel I didn't do to well, oh well. That night we went and taught Juan Nuñez, on of the Juans we are teaching and told him about English class and other activities during the week. So it was a pretty good lesson. Tuesday was a pretty good day. We had a little meeting with the other missionaries in the zone, focusing on what we can do to have more success as a zone. It was funny during that meeting because one of the Zone Leaders asked a question and nobody answered him, then he turned to me and said "Elder Atkinson, what do you think? I know you'll be honest with me." So I guess I'm the guy who speaks his mind. I thought it was kinda funny. 

After that meeting, we went out and did some door knocking and what not. We found some pretty cool people that day, one was another Juan, yay us! That night was English class and we had a pretty full class Juan Nuñez came, so that was cool. Wednesday, HUMP DAY! Lol. It was a pretty good day to go around and do stuff. We did some door knocking and all that fun stuff. That night we went to eat with the Smuin family, dinner wasn't quite ready, so we played some Mormon mouthful, don't really know how to explain it briefly, and I did pretty well.  We taught Juan Alvarez that night, and he is doing awesome, we taught him the next few days as well to help him prepare for baptism. That night we had Ward missionary correlation with the English Ward. 

Thursday was a normal day for me, wait jk we had to drive out to Houston to get our car checked for an estimate.  Other than that we just knocked doors, did some weekly planning, and then had the English class. Oh, we got a giant baked potato filled with all sorts of deliciousness, cheese butter carne to name a few. On Friday I was on an exchange with Elder Norton, you should recognize that name, I was with him a while back in H5. There is definitely something cool about going on an exchange with an ex companion. We had a blast that day, taught some good lessons. Oh how could I forget District meeting that morning, shame on me. It was a good district meeting, we discussed a lot about contacting and how to make it more meaningful. Saturday was a fun day. Started with Elder Norton, then switched back to Elder Sellers. That day was just a little bit of contacting and trying to see people to get them to church. We had a lesson with some that I had contacted with elder Norton, and it was a cool experience because she had prayed the night before we knocked her door for a sign. Later that evening, we went to a baptism for a child and Juan Alvarez came so he could see how it happens. 

Sunday came around, and we started out with church and all the meetings that come with that. I had to give a talk in the Spanish sacrament meeting, I forgot about it so I just had to wing it. I think I did pretty good. After the regular church hours, Juan Alvarez received his interview, and passed! He is gonna be baptized this Saturday! Wahoo! The rest of the Sunday was a normal Sunday trying to find people, teaching and seeing less actives. That sums up the week, and I had a great time. I would like to wish Bella and Arielle a happy birthday, Bella today and Arielle on Saturday this week!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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