Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back to Waller Week 5

What's up mom!?

My first week in July flew by, I can't believe how fast it is all running, I feel like I have just written y'all, but it was a week ago!  I had a fun week, nonetheless, a good ole week in the mission. Mucho proselyting, but that's fine with me.  Service this time around has been a little slower, I guess there is more emphasis on going out and finding than serving during this tour in Waller, but I'm ok with that. 

Last Monday was a really fun day. The Fourth of July! Woohoo! We had a pretty relaxing p-day, full of eating. There was a party with the branch so we went and partied there. We played some soccer and ate some yummy Hispanic food. Some rice thing with shrimp. After that we went out to Spring to have a BBQ with the other missionaries in the district. Always a fun time, BBQ and other missionaries. That night we did some door touching, and then saw the Thomas family that night, I loved seeing  them, always a treat for me. 

Tuesday was a pretty normal day, nothing too much happened. We went and saw Mike Ball in the morning and he's doing pretty good, nothing too different with him. After Mike, we had a meeting with Sam Arungwa, same ole same ole with him. After that we went up to Hempstead to touch some doors. We did that basically from after the meeting til English class that night. We met some interesting people, no one with too much potential, but we'll see. 

After English class that night, we met with the Mayor Pro-temp of Waller, he's pretty cool, he talks a ton though, so we shall see how to help him. Wednesday was a pretty normal day, started of with some door touching, and then we had a meeting for Family History, to do it and learn a bit more about it. It's not too bad, I enjoyed myself. There is this thing called relative finder, and you can see how close some people are related to you, I have a lot of relations in the Texas Houston Mission. After that it was more touching of the doors and then we went and saw Juan Nuñez. He is the same, hopefully we can help him out. Then the ward missionary correlation meeting, and thus endeth the night. 

Thursday, sweet Thursday. It was a pretty good Thursday, we had a pretty effective planing session for the week to come. During this, we are some giant baked potatoes, honestly I don't think they are the healthiest for me to be eating, but they are so delicious. That night more visiting people, and knocking until English class. No one was able to make it to that one, :( , so we had a little time to go and talk with Juan Alvarez and see how he was doing, any questions he had etc. he's doing great.

Friday was a normal day. We had district meeting in the morning, and everything that is fun that comes with that  we had a district language study and Elder Sellers and I had to put on a skit using a bunch of Spanish idioms and proverbs. It was pretty funny and had no point. After district meeting we went and knocked some more doors and
tried to see what we could do to help the people  in our area out. We had dinner that night, but it turned out to be a party, the struggles with Hispanics, everything becomes a party. We ate flautas, which are some of my favorite Hispanic foods. Then Saturday came rolling along. It was a fairly busy Saturday, bien lleno del proseletimo. We knocked a lot of the day and also taught some people. We saw a lady named Alma, her big struggle right now is
that she works a ton, and she's trying to make time for church, but right now she can't. Then we started teaching one of Juan Alvarez's friends. He seems really cool, like he has a lot of potential, so we shall see what happens there. 

That night we had another dinner turned party.... But this time we ate tacos! I love tacos, they are the best.
At that house, there is a massage chair, and it feels so good.  Sunday was also very normal. Church came rolling around with all it's meetings. It's goin to be weird not having to go to ward council or anything of the likes when I get home, and also to not be overly worried about everything that goes on in church to make it the best experience for my investigators. After church we ate, and then went out contacting. We didn't see too much success with that, but I know it will come. I met a guy from Iran while knocking, and he told us he
was trying to run away from religion. He was a really nice guy, but not too interested. At the end of the day we talked a bit with a recent convert. All in all it was a pretty good week. I had a blast this week, I push forward a bit every day, I love y'all so much! Toodles!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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