Friday, May 13, 2016

Back to Houston 5 Week 2

What's up mom?

So I just saw you yesterday, so nothing much has really changed since then. I'm still doing great and enjoying life the way I should be. I'm glad to hear about all the adventures that's been happening in the family. So, my week went a little like this: Last p-day was a more relax and chill type of p-day. We spent the majority of the time at the church just hanging out with the other elders. We had a great time, played a little ball and got everything done shopping wise. We went to a burger joint called Speedy Burger that was pretty good. That night I went down to H3 (Houston 3rd Ward) on an exchange. I had to give an interview and be with Elder Gibbs (he's one of the ZLs for the zone) the next day. We had a fun time talking that night, stayed up till about 12:30. Tuesday I had a giant meeting that I needed to to with elder Gibbs. This meeting is called MLC, or Missionary Leadership Council, and usually only the zone level leaders go, but that one applied to District Leaders, so I got to go. It was a really edifying meeting. It was really cool because President Mortensen just taught us for a long time, and every time I get training like that from him, I come away feeling awesome. 

At the end I exchanged back to elder Tidwell, and we visited Rocio, the girl that got baptized Saturday. We had splits that night, so I went and saw Eduardo with a member. He's doing pretty good. On Wednesday, we had some time to just go out and try some potentials and knock. Knocking doesn't really bother me anymore. It's really just become a normal part of my daily life, so I'm happy about that. We saw a really cool potential family, and was able to read the BoM with them. At the end of the night we saw an investigator we were promoted to go see. He was a pretty cool guy named Jose. To finish the night we visited a menos activo and had a bold lesson with him about church. When Thursday rolled around, I got a lovely break from the normal daily life of a missionary. I went to do service at the peanut butter factory that the church owns down here. It was a ton of fun, I love doing it because it breaks up the monotony of the days as missionaries. I stacked boxes full of peanut butter jars on a pallet and wrapped the pallet with plastic wrap. After that we ate with the Noreña family, we had gringas, quesadillas with meat inside of them, and they are delicious. Then we left to have Ward missionary correlation to wrap up the night. 

Friday was a fun day. We had zone meeting, a meeting where the zone meets up and then the zone leaders and sister training leaders give us training for what happened in MLC. I felt like I was on the inside because I had been to MLC. After zone meeting we took photos and then I ate some Panda Express. It was delicious as normal. After that we went out to do the obra for the area. We saw Deyrin Cruz, someone we are teaching and should be baptized soon, hopefully. We also visited Rocio, going over some final things for the baptism. After, we were going to knock, but then we got a referral, so we visited them instead. We will see where they go.

Saturday was a fun day, a day I was looking forward to all week. We only had the opportunity to work about half the day, so we knocked and tried seeing some of our investigators to remind them of church. After that, we went and started setting up for the baptism. Getting the programs were a bit of a pain, but we managed to do it. The baptism itself started a half hour late, that's normal around Hispanics, you tell them it's at 5, then they show up at 530, or later. The missionaries had a musical number there that was good. After we had the ward Mother's Day party. We all had a blast eating and enjoying the time together. We, the missionaries, put on a fake mariachi band and played at the party. It was a ton of fun.

Sunday was a normal day, nothing too interesting happened that day, psych! (It was Mother's Day and we skyped!) We had a great day at church, we had to open up the back wall to accommodate  everyone that was coming. It was cool to see that because I've never seen it happen before. After that, we talked with the family, mine is doing awesome!  After we contacted and saw a little cat fight between two girls while knocking. It was...different, we just went back the way we came. We finished the night eating fajita and nachos with the Juarez family. It was delicious. Went home and did the normal thing.Today we are going to the zoo, which should be a ton of fun. There is a dinosaur exhibit apparently, so I'm excited about that because dinosaurs. 

I love y'all so much and can't wait to be part of the craziness again! Well, I can wait, but I'm excited for it.

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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