Sunday, May 8, 2016

Navasota Week 14

What's up mom!?

I did get the package, it was really funny! I wore the hat to district meeting, lol. Don't worry I just wore it there I didn't wear it during. I'll send you pictures though. I look adorable. 

We have had a little less rain, which has been very nice. It has been pretty hot though, except for Saturday and Sunday, those were just colder and windy. But overall, we had some great weather this week. Last pday, we had so much fun! We had a water balloon fight, and then played on the playground. I haven't done that for a while, and it was so much fun!! We got some quesadillas and frozen yogurt which were both delicious. After that we went contacting for days, and found some people to teach. Still working through and seeing who are for real and who were just trying to be nice. 

Oh, Monday through part of Thursday, Elder Noriega was with us, so it was fun to be trio-ing for a bit. Tuesday we did the jingo thing like usual. It was funny because elder Curtis and Noriega both have a phobia type thing for old people, so it was funny to see them interact with the people. It was free cone day at Dairy Queen, so we went and got cones at three different times during the day. That day we had a ton of contacting, and then to end the night, we did a split with one of the members, and I went and taught Serafin. It was a good lesson about reading in the Book of Mormon. 

Wednesday was a baller day! We went to the temple pretty much the whole day. We got there at 10 and left at 4. We were able to do all the ordinances for the people we found, from baptism to endowments. It was a really cool experience. After the temple, we just did some more finding. We again met some pretty cool people. 

On Thursday, we had a weekly planning and we went up to Bryan to do that, so Elder Noriega could help the Brazos missionaries out. We had a ton of fun. Elder Noriega helped out a lot, and then he went to Waller to continue his work. We went finding again that night, and it was a ton of fun. 

On Friday, we had a normal day, just a district meeting day. After district meeting, we got some Laynes, which is like a chicken finger place. After eating there, we got some training on family history, and I know kinda how to do it now. After that, we went home, and taught some potentials that we had. At the end of the night, we went to see a less active, and had a bashy lesson with him. He wasn't making any sense, but wouldn't tell us exactly why he went less active, oh well, we tried. 

On Saturday, we had a pretty fun day. I got to do a lot of service which was fun. We tried seeing potentials in the morning, but in the afternoon, we did service for this less active family. We painted a room, and then helped lay a floor. It was cool, they got pizza and then we shared a message with them. On Sunday, it was a normal day at church. After that, we did some more contacting time. Again it was really fun, and a poco chilly. That night we went over to eat at a members house. We got some burgers, and then started teaching his son in law. Today should be fun. Elder Noriega is with us again, and we have plans to be hanging all day. I love you so much! Y'all have a great one! I hope everyone feels better far the week of sickness!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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