Sunday, May 8, 2016

Navasota Week 15

Hello mom!

My Easter was a normal Easter. I got a little bag of candy from the Williams, branch president, and we went up there to eat. More on what we ate later, but it was delicious. I did get your package, I look forward to trying the chocolates, see which are good and which are not. I did get the pictures and whatnot from Easter, it looks like
y'all had a great time. I didn't really do anything too out of the normal. And yes we still do the occasional trio, and it is so much fun when we do. 

So, on Monday, I had a blast just hanging out and doing all sorts of fun things with the district. Some of those things included laser tag, and jungle gym tag. It was a blast to be able to do all of these. I came in second in laser tag, so I was meh about that. When we were playing the jungle gym tag, someone told us that we couldn't play on the juggle gym:( it made us all sad, so we left and just finished emailing and what not. After that we are with the Littlewood family, and tried seeing some potentials that we had lined up. It went pretty well, there is this one guy named Alfredo that seems like he has a ton of potential. 

Tuesday.... It was pretty good, we did the usual jingo thing with the old people. They are always happy to have us do that. It's kinda wearing off on me, like not as fun as before, but I'll keep doing it if I need to! After that, we had a family history training where we learned a little about a curriculum that we will be teaching in the future, don't know how it will go, but we'll see! After that, Elder Noriega left us, and we went back to Navasota, we ate and then taught some potentials. This finding process is kind of becoming smaller, but we will still have to always be doing it. 

Wednesday we had lunch with two older ladies in the branch. We went to a bomb burger joint. After that, we did some family history work, and then went to bingo. The old people were more on edge that day than I had seen them in a while. It was another contacting day after that, but while we were contacting, we got into a bash with one of the guys we contacted. It was decent, not too good not too bad. Then English class, and after English class we did a split. Elder Curtis went to visit a potential, and I stayed to visit with Andrew(more on him later). It was a pretty solid day. 

On Thursday, we wanted to go and play soccer with some of the Latinos here, but instead we had a meeting with some people from the stake at night. During the day, though, we had weekly planing ☠, lol. We also tried visiting some people that we have seen, but nobody with any real potential. The meeting with the stake went well, and afterwards we had visits with them. Someone from the mission presidency was there, so he gave Andrew a little interview and gave him a positive response. So we were really excited for him and this opportunity. Friday was just district meeting. I made some banana bread for the district, which is always delicious. I'm becoming quite the baker. Oh part of district meeting is a Spanish language study, and I'm the teacher for that. It's fun, but kinda difficult because I'm not a Spanish teacher and can only help so much. After we had another training for family history, and then we ate Taco Bell. After that we taught another potential that had a glimmer of great hope. We were going to have another split that night, but everything fell through. At night, I ran 2 miles. It was the first time I ran in forever, and I feel like I did pretty good. 

Saturday was a fun day, we got to pick elder Noriega back up from Waller. The fun part about that was there was a crawfish boil going on, so I got to eat and mingle with a lot of the people I knew there. It was a blast to see them all again, and it was cool to see how many recognized me. After that, we went to visit the Morris family, and they are doing normal. We went back to Navasota after that, and we saw the Gonzalez family and helped them a bit with their moving. It was cool because we found a record player and some really cool records, like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. We bumped Ring of Fire, and had a blast. On Sunday we had a great day at church. There was a ton of visitors because it was Easter. After church we went to the branch presidents house for dinner. For dinner we ate ham, cheesy mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and beans. We had some cake for dessert. After that we went contacting some more and found some potentials. We also talked with the Johnson family and found out that Andrew kinda doesn't want to listen anymore, and this is sad because he was so close....  At the close of the night, we saw the Gonzalez family again and shared an Easter message with them. Today we are going to party hard, still don't know exactly what, but we will have a ton of fun. It's fun to hear about all the fun stuff that everyone does. I still think it is funny that Kiley is doing lacrosse, it just seemed like something she wouldn't do. It's fun to be doing all the chores, sounds like it has kept y'all busy and made the break kinda a not break. I love you so much! Keep up the good work, enjoy conference, I'll be home before you know it.

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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