Thursday, May 12, 2016

Navasota Week 17

Hello Mother, who knows best!

 I had a pretty ok week this week. It was kinda a lucha week this week. But hey you win some you lose some. Last pday we had another party day, just like every p-day. We went and played at the playground again. There was a volleyball court so we played volleyball there and then chucked water balloons at each other. We then went and played on the playground that was there. 

That evening through Wednesday morning I was on another exchange with elder Aholelei up in his area. I got flashbacks to woodlands day with him. While I was there we did some contacting, and saw some of the members up there. There are a bunch of cool people there, one owns a taco place, and missionaries eat free, so I had a quesadilla while I as up there. One night we had some Chipotle because he had coupons for there, it was pretty good to eat some Americanized Mexican food. 

After the exchange, life in Navasota for the rest of the week was a little struggle, what feels like everything fell through for us, so that meant we ended up contacting more! Yay! But it wasn't too bad, Elder Curtis and I had a ton of fun together, and contacting is where a lot of the memories are made as a missionary. Oh and another one of our investigators went AWOL. Nobody knows where he is, so... Yeah. 

Thursday was pretty fun because we got to go and play soccer, you know continue building the trust and friendships of the Latinos out here. I'm not too bad, and there are some times when I even surprise myself from my skill. 

Friday the highlight was one of elder Curtis' recent convert was up here (because he was working in college station) so he was with us that night, and we had a blast with him. Saturday was a normal day, nothing too over the top happens there. Sunday was again a normal day, but we had white tacos for dinner, and those were delicious. Nice to eat some of the white foods while I'm here.Sorry to be brief just not too much of anything going on this week. I love you so much! You are the best!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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