Sunday, May 8, 2016

Navasota Week 16

What's up mom!

It sucks to hear that you were sick, that makes me a little sad, but I was feeling real healthy and excited about conference. I had a really fun week full with a bunch of fun stuff! Last pday was a complete party. We did all the things that we needed to do, like email, shop and what not, then went on up to College Station to hang out with the district. We had a blast playing jungle gym tag, random sports and just hanging out. McKenzie Schild from
Waller came to hang out with us, so that was fun. At night, we ate with the Howell/Johnson family which was delicious. After that we tried seeing some potentials, but they were busy so we couldn't see them. Elder Noriega was with us all day long. At night I got a haircut, I almost left it as a mullet, maybe post mission I'll get one.

Tuesday was a pretty good day, it started off normal, studies and jingo and whatnot. Later during the day Elder Noriega left us, and it was sad because he's not gonna come back up here before he goes home. That day we saw a lot of our potentials. The one with the most potential is named Nancy. She visited with the missionaries before, like when she was really young, and has an awesome desire to learn more. At English class that night, we had a sad moment. Our student is returning to Mexico😢. We will miss her a lot, but she left us with a gift card to a Mexican restaurant so we at there that night. Wednesday I have no idea what went on in Navasota because I went on an exchange up to Brazos, the Spanish College Station/Bryan area, with Elder Aholelei. We had a great time together, we contacted and taught some lessons. When we got back to the apartment, it was a bit messy, so I cleaned it. It didn't take as long as last time, for which I am grateful. Thursday was a pretty fun day all around  for me. I came back to Navasota, and did all the weekly planning stuff that I needed to do, to set up the area for this week. After that we talked with a potential we have been trying to see for a long time. She is a cashier at Arlans, the grocery store we go to, and she has asked us about what we do, so we are gonna start teaching her. After that we got to go play soccer with a bunch of Latinos. It was so much fun! We got to know some of the Latinos in Navasota, and have a fun time at the same time. I learned I'm not too bad a soccer. Then we helped someone in the ward move after that. Couches are a bear.... But other than that, it was smooth sailing. 

Friday was a pretty fun day. It was April Fools Day, and I forgot to do anything fun. APRIL FOOLS! Jk, it's not April Fools Day anymore, so that doesn't work. We had zone meeting, and guess who showed up, President and Sister Mortensen! It was a blast! After that we saw someone we have been teaching, her name is Liz. Liz's grandma was a member(she's dead now), and Liz has a lot of potential, we need to try and start talking with the whole family for her. Latter that evening, we saw the Gonzalez family, a less active, part member, recent convert family. We talked with them about General Conference. I also went running today, two miles! 

Saturday was an awesome day full of just general conference, sprinkled with hamburgers and mingling with members. Before the first session, a member got us a hamburger. In between the morning and afternoon, we at at Pizza Hut with a member, I had some pasta and it was delicious. In between the afternoon and Priesthood sessions, the priesthood got together and had a barbecue. And after priesthood session, we ate ice cream. I loved the priesthood session. Brother Owens gave an awesome talk on leadership, the councilor in the first presidency both gave semi trunky talks (about marriage), and I loved see President Monson speak. He only spoke about 5 minutes, but the cool thing was that I felt he spirit every second of his talk. I know he is a prophet of God, and that God gives him the strength he needs. 

Sunday was another day full of awesome conference. I love president Uchtdorf and Elder Hollands talks from then. They where both really awesome and I felt the spirit strongly. Both awesome ones that I will reread when I get them. It hurts me to see president Monson so frail, I just want the best for him.  In between the sessions we went with a member to try to see some of his friends, no one was really interested in learning, but we will try back on a few. The afternoon session we went to watch with the Stuart's. They are an awesome family, and I love their company. After we ate dinner with them, again very delicious. We came back to town, and saw a potential investigator we had, and talked with him about the restoration and his desires. We also saw Serafin tonight and had a powerful lesson on faith with him. 

Looking back it was a great week, and I am thankful for this time that the God has me to serve him. I love him so very much and am so grateful for all that he has done for me and blessed me with. I am grateful for Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice, he is my Savior and Redeemer and through him I shall be saved and live with my family again. I am so very grateful for he modern day prophets that we have and the revelation they receive to help lead and guide us. They rock, so does the Savior, and so does God. I hope to live worthy to return to their presence and to receive my eternal reward. This gospel is true, and so is the Book of Mormon. I am grateful for the truths that it reveals to us in these days. I pray I never lose my testimony of these things. In the sacred name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen. I love you so much!

Tu hijo amado, 

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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