Friday, May 13, 2016

Back to Houston 5 Week 1

Hey mom!

I'm so excited to hear about all of your experiences that  you had with your family! it sounds and looks like you had a ton of fun. I have talked with Sister Nelson about my date going home, and she talked about that with me. I was fixin to tell you about it next week... but I guess the surprise is spoiled. Oh well... So my new area... it's kinda an old area. I'm back in H5, the area I was in before going to Navasota. I'm really happy to be back here. It has been cool seeing all the members again, and especially Eduardo Parra. My new companion is named Elder Tidwell. He is from Nampa ID. Hes a fun kid, I'm greenie breaking him, meaning I'm the first companion after the Trainer. We have had some pretty deep and pretty not deep talks that lead into the night. Just mail everything to the mission office, cuz I'm up there regularly enough.

So, my last night in Navasota I went around to say goodbye to the members there. I'm really sad to leave all the people there, but I felt like my time there was done. I learned that night that i was being sent to H5, and that was one of the areas that I didn't really expect to go to. 

That Tuesday I started to get back in the swing of things here. Its a little different because of the Recent Converts that have been baptized since I left, and a few new people who have moved in. Another thing is that the area is a little bit bigger than I left it, we have the area that the other Elders had when i was here. That day we did a bit of finding, and then we went to see Maribel Parra (Eduardo's wife) and she freaked out when she saw me. We saw a Guy that got recently baptized and he is really cool. We are teaching his daughter, and she should be baptized soon. 

Wednesday was a pretty fun day. We were running out of miles for the month, so we decided to walk during the day. We walked a ton, at least 5 miles in that time. That night we went to see one of the investigators they have been teaching for a while. She will be baptized soon (this Saturday). She is pretty cool, and super ready to be baptized. That night we went to a wedding and got to see a bunch of members.
Thursday was a normal day. We taught English class in the morning, cause that's what we do on Thursday and Tuesday. After that we got some weekly planning done, it was cool to learn a little about the people that I will be working with this transfer. Later that day we ate spaghetti with a member, and it was yummy. We then got to go to the Ward Missionary Correlation.

On Friday we went and had district meeting! I'm DL again, so i got to give the training for that. YAY! After that we had a lunch with the district, and then left to do the work. We've been trying to do some finding to build up the teaching pool, so that has been a fun little lucha we have been doing. We had dinner that night with a part member family we are trying to teach. 

On Saturday, we tried to only drive a limited amount of miles because it was the last day and we only had a little bit left. We saw a potential family that they had been trying to see, and they seemed pretty legit. So I'm excited to see where it leads us. We also saw a family that was a referral from Georgia, and they seem pretty solid. I'm excited to see where they go. We were going to go to a sports night, but we couldn't get a ride, so we walked and tried to see some less actives around us. We were walking and a drunk lady called us over and talked with us about how she loved Mormons. It was weird, but whatever, them fun memories of a missionary.

Sunday was a fun day as well. Got to see Eduardo for the first time since being here, so i loved that. Apparently he had a dream where i came back, and than it happened, so that was cool. It was fun to see all of the people that I missed there. After church we did some finding, and then ate with a member. That day Rocio (the investigator that's going to be baptized) had her interview and she passed! so pumped to come help out these people here.

Today is a more relaxed P-day, we will try to go to the zoo or something similar in the future, but we shall see.

I love you so much!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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