Thursday, May 12, 2016

Navasota Week 18

What's up mom!

I'm lovin it out here in Navasota. It is probably my last week here. Transfer are in this coming week, because we had a funky 7 week transfer. I have been very fortunate that the rain has not really hit me during the day when I'm doing work, but there has been a ton of rain thus far today. The roads aren't looking too bad, no major flooding or anything like that. I did get all the letters, the insurance card, and Lilly's letter. I loved her letter, it was so cute!

I'm glad to see that everyone is doing good in their aspects of life. Kiley seems to be enjoying herself... Though a boyfriend.... I feel like bother my sisters were like "Nic's gone lets get boyfriends!" Don't know how I feel about that, but I can't do too much about it. Arielle sounds normal, singing and doing all sorts of fun stuff like that, being crazy and what not. Bella sounds like she is being more extroverted than before, that's good, I know she will have fun. Lilly is just the same as ever, enjoying life and being her normal self. Lathen sounds like he hasn't changed too much, just a little older. 

So, this week has been nothing too new around here in Navasota. On Monday, I had a great p-day with the district. We were all down here in Navasota for a change, which was nice, and we played at a park. It is always fun to have these awesome people in the district to enjoy p-day. At the end of that we went and ate with a member and then saw a less active Spanish guy. Hopefully he will come back, but we will see. 

Tuesday was the same old Tuesday as every other Tuesday. We had the jingo with the old people, I took a selfie of that. And we went contacting and saw some investigators we had, and had to drop some of them. You'll find that that was a theme of the week, finding and dropping old investigators because they are being flakey. 

Tuesday we also had the English class going on, and we had a student came. Wednesday was a day very much like Tuesday. We were contacting(knocking doors) the majority of the day. While we weren't knocking, we did the bingo thing with the old folks, which was pretty fun. We also saw Pablo and Lupe, some eternigators (eternal investigators) we teach. It's nice because they feed us, and they have been my only consistent source of Mexican food since I've been here. English class again. Not too much else. Thursday was a fun day. We drove a ton that day because we had to go up to college station to have interviews with President Mortensen. They were pretty good, he's a great guy. We talked about going home and some other stuff, mostly about finishing the mission strong. It was good. We had to stay up in College Station a little longer because our car was getting fixed, so we ate out with the district. 

Upon returning to Navasota, we went down to Plantersville to teach one of our investigators, but there was a giant miscommunication, so we just ate with a member instead. Friday was a pretty good day. Started out going to district meeting, which was very nice and dandy, Elder Curtis is a great district leader. After that we headed out to Bedais to see one of our investigator part member family, the Morris family. We ate with them and then taught them about when Christ came to the Americas. After that more trying to see some other investigators, but not really getting in with them. Saturday was a bear of a day. We went contacting all day. Literally about 8 hours worth of it. It was cool, probably the longest period of time that I've gone contacting my whole mission. Sunday was a pretty normal day. Church was fun, I had to give a talk (in English). It was on prayer and I think I did a pretty good job, no one has told me otherwise. After church we ate a quick lunch, and then went out to contact some more. Right now I'm crossing fingers that some miracles happen this week from all the finding. That night we ate with a member and had a great time with them. It also thunder stormed so we got some pretty cool light displays. Hopefully the miracles will come, it will be so sweet!

I love you so much mom, you rock, I couldn't have a better mom here on earth!

Elder Atkinson (Nic)

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